Photo: Mr. Stamatios Kanellakis at the offices of Member One. You can see the “Best Subscription Strategist” and “Zuora President’s Club” awards for the year 2022.

Oikonomakis Law is happy to announce that our Client, Mr. Stamatios Kanellakis, was voted unanimously as the Best Subscription Strategist worldwide by the largest pricing platform in the world, Zuora Inc. (NYSE:ZUO). The Founder and CEO of Member One, with many years of experience in the Americas and Europe, leads the subscription services strategy for some of the most recognizable multinationals, such as Ford, Jaguar, Pirelli, iRobot, Japan Tobacco International (JTI) and IBM. “The strategic support we receive from Stamos and Member One is invaluable,” said the President of the Zuora Strategy Institute, Mr. Michael Mansard, at the award ceremony held in June this year in Costa Rica.

Over the past 15 years, companies around the world have launched subscription services in an attempt to attract new customers and stabilize their revenues in an era characterized by increased competition for products, higher inflation and stagnant incomes. Although subscription services have been popularized by companies such as Netflix and Disney, a quick search shows that a wide variety of products such as clothing, makeup, cars, electronic cigarettes, and ready-to-eat meals are now available through subscriptions in addition to traditional purchase methods.

“To appreciate subscription services, just think about the value of your money without having affordable access to products,” emphasizes Mr. Kanellakis (Stamos), as his colleagues and friends call him, and adds: “As the cost of production and transport of products is increasing, companies are re-examining the purchase options they give their customers. If the trend continues, almost everything we consume will soon be available through subscriptions.”

Stamatis was born in Agia Marina (Koropi, Greece) and studied Applied Economics at New York University (NYU). After serving in senior positions at strategic consulting firms such as Booz and PwC in the US for more than 20 years, he founded Member One to expand subscription services in Eastern and Southern Europe, with the technology support of Zuora. The company has established strategic alliances in more than 10 European countries and is ideally positioned to capitalize on the consumer trend towards subscriptions.

“None of my success would have been possible without the constant support of Oikonomakis Law,” says Stamos, and concludes: “They are a truly dynamic team that always meets my business needs. I hope they will give me the opportunity to soon design their own subscription services, the first of their kind in Europe.”

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