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The notion of public service is of crucial importance when approaching Administrative Law, the same way it stands when one speaks of distinguishing between public and private, the principle of the separation of state operations, the organic and functional definition of administration etc.

Of vital importance is also the distinction between regulatory action and individual administrative act. Thus, these are issues of which our administrative attorneys are aware, and with which they are also dealing and even they are called upon to tackle in terms of their daily work mandate.



We are future-oriented by setting strategic long-term goals; planning ahead is not just a necessity but an inherent characteristic of our corporate identity.


We strive for fairness by treating everyone with respect, not just courtesy.


Our mind-set is global thus we enjoy working seamlessly across borders.


We focus on delivering world-class legal services and advice, thus reaching for the highest standard possible means that excellence is the only threshold.

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Our services cover a vast range of procedures as expected, given that this is the width of the matters related to Administrative Law and its relevant principles.

What is Administrative Law

The extensive display and explanation of the rules arranging the operation of the instruments of Administrative Law both among them, but also in relation to the administered [natural and/or legal persons] throughout the procedure of issuance (or omission of issuance) of state decrees, constitute the essence of Administrative Law (see, for instance, distinct issues to be dealt with such as definitions, distinctions and collective state organs, their convening, composition and operation etc, as well as matters related to the responsibility of the State, or of legal persons governed by public law).

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Going further, the general comment which necessarily needs to be made in relation to the Assignors who are aware of our administrative lawyers and the quality of our work throughout the years is that we display consistency and constant interest in every field of law which comprises indispensable part of our role. For what is worth this is the way we perceive the importance of our service and this commitment of ours does establish us as part of these elite law firms that are not merely able to recognize potential, but when it appears, we make sure that it is to come into life.

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