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The common agricultural policy of European Union., in which our country participates, has created the necessary conditions for correct and successful resolution of every upcoming issue related to the agricultural legal problems. The long lasting experience and many years of management of such important matters arising in agricultural law, consists the superiority of “Oikonomakis Law”. Alongside with the appropriate legal background of our lawyers, we are able to provide solutions to each and every one of our assignors for their legal issues.

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  • Cooperative’s corresponding legislation
  • Effective financial services
  • Collaboration’s formation
  • Consulting

What is the Agricultural Law

Within the notion of “Agriculture”, all the activities regarding food production, farming as well as the corresponding distribution are included. The International Agricultural Law is consisted of the related regulations, treaties and laws one encounters to all the stages of agricultural supply chain/ mechanism.

It is of crucial importance the fact that in the sector of agricultural trade, which is considered vitally important, several fields of international law are applied.

The issues associated with Greek legal system which our assignors are called upon to face, are among others, contract farming, production insurance, accountancy as well as the establishment and operation of agricultural collaborations.

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The Associates of “Oikonomakis Law” have obtained the appropriate expertise to assist our assignors manage every upcoming issue associated with the related legislation, and resolve it in the most beneficial to you manner. Thus, spotting the most constructive and effective solution for such issues is our company’s highest priority.

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