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Arbitration is an alternative way of dispute resolution heralded not as it is usually the way through national courts, nor the EU ones, nor in general through the courts of any legal order, rather it constitutes a way of dispute resolution that it is sought for by both individuals and legal entities who are looking to appoint arbitrators, in order to voluntarily resolve their in-between dispute. Thus, this is in a nutshell an arbitration procedure, which the contracting parties are voluntarily putting forward and which, at the same time, the same counterparties favor as opposed to the procedure established by a Court of Law.



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“OIKONOMAKIS CHRISTOS GLOBAL LAW FIRM” possesses the expert knowledge while we, also, offer expert knowhow on the particular issues emerging when the contracting parties decide to select this extrajudicial, needless to say though utterly official and structured procedure, even if the process is to be conducted in a foreign language. Our lawyers as well as all the other expert associates of ours are capable but also familiarized with all those issues related to any scientific or technical field that may surface on a case by case basis.

It is also worth mentioning that due to the appointment/ choice of the arbitrators by the contracting parties, there is sheer flexibility regarding the number of arbitrators who shall constitute the Arbitration Tribunal and who, most of the times, shall be one, or at most, three in number. Supposedly and as it is in most occasuions the case, if there is a tripartite Tribunal, each side selects an Arbitrator and, followingly, these two arbitrators shall appoint a third one, as the Chair Person of the Tribunal (usually that third person called the “Umpire”). All of the arbitrators, though, are in principle of recognized standing, having a thorough knowledge of law cases and much too often enjoy numerous years of experience

The parties turn to arbitration either due, or because of the actual subject matter of the dispute that has emerged between the parties and, of course, after a certain agreement has been reached between them, or due to a clause (“arbitrational clause”) that already forms part of a preexisting agreement between them.

OIKONOMAKIS CHRISTOS GLOBAL LAW FIRM possesses not only the expert knowledge with regards to the applicable law on the arbitration procedure, but also the tools to understand and analyze the overall market, in order to be able to manage the various risks while also respond to the demanding task of resolving disputes. Practically speaking, our Firm possesses the knowledge, the experience and the wide perception of how things evolve while in the process of the various stages that, in the end, form the arbitration procedure as such, in order to value its services to the best of its clients’ interest, by making a distinction between individuals and legal persons/ entities.

The arbitration is the favorable means of resolving in the most efficient way disputes surfacing both nationally as well as internationally, in all sorts of disputes around the world, due to the fact that it allows the contracting parties to solve their differences outside the judicial framework process, while in most of such cases for at least one of the contracting parties such a procedure shall be taking place in a foreign unfamiliar language.

Therefore it is much too often and in principle the way to resolve disputes such as

  • Purchases
  • Commercial agreements
  • Construction disputes

Maritime disputes

National Framework

Arbitration is provided for by the Greek Civil Procedure Code [CPC] (art. 867 – 903), but also by law 2735/ 1999 regarding international commercial arbitration

Greece, hence, has already validated since 1961 the New York Convention (1958), according to which arbitrational decisions are recognized as such in more than 150 states

Arbitration also regulates private issues with the exception of article 867 of Greek CPC regarding labour law disputes (article 663 CPC)

As said OIKONOMAKIS CHRISTOS GLOBAL LAW FIRIM possesses the knowledge, the experience as well as the expert human capital in order to move towards the resolution of differences in a way which is way alternative as opposed to the traditional judicial one.

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