Banking and Finance

What We Offer

The lawyers of Oikonomakis Law can provide their knowledge defending either the interests of the borrowers or those of the loaners, while their role is usually limited to identify the transactional elements of each case and the financial arrangement of each deal. They are also associated with negotiations and most importantly, the compliance of both sides to every applicable law.


Our Services

Our experienced legal team is able to assist you with every aspect of such complex issues, providing services to:

  • Consulting Companies
  • Auditing & Accounting Companies
  • Supervisory Authorities
  • Banks and Financial institutions and Services
  • Investment Organizations

What is "Banking & Finance"

Banking and Finance Law is associated with the manners with which financial institutions cooperate with clients, in this continuously evolving field. Within this complex genre of law, many legal areas are applied, such as bank loans, property finances, acquisition finances etc.

How We Can Help

Some of the most common issues the lawyer will be asked to deal with in this sector, is the asset pricing, the capital market working functions, the portfolio management, the financial management of companies, the funding in real estate markets and the business mergers and acquisitions. “Oikonomakis Law” possesses the appropriate Associates, the corresponding expertise and experience to assist you manage every upcoming issue associated with the related legislation.

Key Contacts

Oikonomakis Christos

Papageorgiou Zoi

Mitrogianni Aikaterini

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