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If you have a legal issue or you just need consultation on your legal or business inquiry in any practice area and industry, you can consult with an expertized Lawyer or/and a Professional of our Law Firm. You can book online on a much easier and faster way wherever you are either your virtual or your real-life meeting just in a few minutes. Reach out and choose one of the Lawyers and Experts of our global platform for a face-to-face or a virtual appointment in each of our offices, or contact our international desk and book a video conferencing unit for any other jurisdictions via Zoom or Skype.

World-Class Lawyers Online

Our global team of Lawyers and Experts spread out across borders and our different locations shares the same mentality and passion for excellence through a global mind-set and a client oriented and tailor-made approach.

Legal Advice Online 24/7

Our 24/7 Online Booking Appointment Service keeps you updated on time, every time – once you book an appointment (you have always the option of re-scheduling your appointment).

You can reach out it in an easy process at any time.

It is only a matter of minutes to choose a date in our existing calendar system, the office location, the appointment type and the service to be provided and one of our online lawyers will be in touch shortly.

Then, fill in our Appointment form with all relevant pre-appointment information, as well as the payment and billing details. Pay online and you will receive an email with details on your appointment.

You can always change your mind and cancel online anytime (at least two hours before we start the virtual or face-to-face appointment).

Costs just  €162 for an hourly consultation with one of our Lawyers Online and Experts.

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