Buying and Selling Real Estate Property in Greece: legal framework and relevant arrangements

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A lawyer’s work is not restricted to the appearance before Courts of Law, State Committees, Authorities etc., or the preparation of lawsuits, extrajudicial statements, penal claims etc, but it is also about other, sometimes even more demanding law-related issues, that get to be performed and concluded thanks to the necessary input of an accredited Lawyer.



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In light of the just aforementioned, this also stands with regards to the buying and selling of real estate properties in Greece, a procedure extremely delicate and demanding, whose specifics definitely call for the involvement of a Lawyer who in close cooperation with a Public Notary shall see to the proper conclusion of such a project.

What is this overall procedure of buying and selling a property all about

The necessary task which definitely has to be completed by a Lawyer is the conduct of a thorough legal research, both at the Land Registry – called in Greek “ypothikofilakio” – and also at the jurisdictionally competent Cadastre Office– in Greek “ktimatologio” – so as to confirm the legal status of the said property about to be purchased.

Such a thorough research is necessary to be completed on behalf of the candidate purchaser so as for the latter to ensure that the property at hand does not bear any legal burden of any sort, be it a mortgage, a seizure, a pending lawsuit etc, and, above all, that the legal or natural person selling the property is indeed the owner of the offered property.

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First of all, please always keep in mind that in the case of Greece it does not fall within the Notary’s mandate to investigate in any way the legal status of any property in case of a purchase, but he/ she is there to make sure that all necessary documents have been gathered and submitted to all relevant State Authorities before actually himself/ herself preparing the necessary official notarial deed to that specific end.

Having said that, it becomes clear that it is a lawyer’s work to make sure that all relevant legal actions shall be performed on behalf of the purchaser at hand, while it is also clear that all of the aforementioned actions may be executed by a Lawyer given of course that he/ she has been vested with such authorization via a Power of Attorney -Proxy document; The firm of “Oikonomakis Law” possesses the experience, the expertise and the human resources to have such a demanding and important project under way and properly executed, by keeping you up-to-date throughout the whole process and whenever we are requested to do so.

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