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The Cypriot legal system is in principle organized by the standards of Anglosaxon (“common” as it is also coined) law.

Among others the Cypriot Law on Companies Chapter 113 is of importance which since 1951 when enacted and until today has been amended in order to comply with other legislations within the framework of EU.

As per the Law On Companies the following types of company formations in Cyprus are to be described:
• Companies (private or public)
• Partnerships (general or limited)
• Proprietorships
• The European Company (Societas Europaea)



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Details About Company Formation in Cyprus

Our law firm would love to give you a few more details about for company formation in Cyprus and the legal services we provide. Regarding some of the aforementioned company formations the following should be mentioned, e.g

The Limited Liability Company could be either Public or Private.
Public can in their turn be distinguished between:

  • Exempt, and
  • Private Limited Liability ones

The Law governing both proprietorships and partnerships is the one coined as Partnership and Business Names Law (Chap.116), which ultimately sets two general forms of partnership, something that practically resembles more or less and in terms of Greek Law the company formation called personal company:

1. General Partnership
2. Limited Liability Partnership

Finally, there is also article 347 of the Companies Law which provides on the registration in Cyprus of branches of foreign companies within the legal framework of Cyprus.

In such case, international businesses find themselves registered in Cyprus and are involved according to the following:

1. Offshore Private Limited Liability Company
2. Offshore branch of a foreign company
3. Offshore general or limited liability partnership

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