Company Formation in Greece

Company Formation in Greece

Oikonomakis Law operates 4 offices in Greece (Athens, Piraeus, Thessaloniki and Ierapetra) and our experienced lawyers specialize in international company formations of all kinds. For company formation in Greece do not hesitate to contact us.

Greek Company Forms

There are two main types of companies incorporated in Greece:

1. Capital based companies
2. Personally owned companies


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Greek Capital Companies

1. Anonymous Company S.A. (Société Anonyme S.A.):

  • Share capital divided into shares of equal value
  • Strict provisions against disclosure, the establishment and subsequent acts
  • Long life of the company
  • Limited liability of partners / shareholders
  • Majority voting
  • Allowance for three bodies (General Assembly, Board of Directors, Auditors)
  • The establishment of the SA requires notarized documents involving lawyers and various administrative authorizations as appropriate.

2. Limited Liability Company L.L.C.:

  • Minimum share capital 4.500, 00€ for establishing the company
  • Division of capital into shareholdings
  • Disclosure requirements for the establishment and subsequent obligations
  • Prediction of specific time duration of the Company, according to articles of the statue and Law 4072/ 2012
  • Limited liability of partners
  • Majority voting of persons and capital
  • Establishing a Limited Liability Company requires a notary and a lawyer with expertise in company formations.

3. Private Company P.C. is a new form of company formation in Greece:

  • It has certain advantages over other forms of companies
  • It is commercial and is considered a legal person
  • It has minimized the administrative operating costs (lawyer, notary and publications)
  • Minimum share capital of one Euro
  • The shareholding is separated from capital
  • Every contribution is recognized (capital, labor or guarantor liability)
  • It simplifies the relations between partners and operated company
  • Flexibility in choice and changes/ amendments due to its versatile identity both as a capital and a private company

Greek Privately Held Company Forms

1. Limited Partnership – E.E.:

• Non-requirement to provide the necessary minimum capital.
• Existence of general partners and limited partners. Limited partnership is only limited to the amount of their contributions to the company.
• The limited partnership may be established via a simple private agreement.

2. General Partnership – O.E.:

• Non-requirement to provide the necessary minimum capital.
• All partners of a general partnership are jointly and severally liable along with all their personal properties for corporate obligations.
• With the dissolution of the company there is still personal liability of partners for obligations of the company for a specific period of time.
• The general partnership may be established under a private contract.

3. Sole Proprietorship:

• Privately held company where the sole proprietor is liable for all the debts of the company with his/her fortune.
• Flexibility in controlling every area and make quick decisions as it is dependent on a single person.
• No minimum capital for company formation in Greece.
• Set up time is minimal.

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