Consulting services for Industrial Security Certification (E.K.V.A certificate)

What we offer

The preparation for the certification of EKVA is quite diligent and analytical work, requires investment in the configuration of the interior space that will be characterized as a Sub-Office, training, and effort. It produces significant and perhaps unique competitive advantages. Our company has evolved and stays always up-to-date, providing our clients with its expertise services.


Η ένταξη του οικονομικού φορέα στον κατάλογο πιστοποιημένων φορέων.
Ολοκλήρωση της προεργασίας για ένταξη στο μητρώο προμηθευτών ΝΑΤΟ.
Η πρόσβαση του οικονομικού φορέα σε προμήθειες και συμφωνίες που αφορούν στην άμυνα της χώρας (απόρρητα κονδύλια).
Ανταγωνιστικό πλεονέκτημα.
Ενίσχυση του branding.

Οι Υπηρεσίες μας

The services start from the stage of your preparation for certification and end in your certification. They include the initial assessment of your readiness for certification, your ongoing support for the analysis and design of your procedures and operations related to the National Industrial Safety Regulation. We also undertake the trial operation and implementation of your plans and the specifications of the areas that will be included in the scope of application as well as the preparation of the application file and its submission to the HNDGS.

What is EKVA certification

The National Industrial Safety Regulation (EKVA) as ratified by the No. P. 120/402565 / P.3497/22. 09.22 ministerial decision, sets the new revised framework of requirements for the issuance of industrial security certificates for private entities processing or managing National classified information – materials (NAR). Its purpose is to establish measures and procedures to ensure the protection of National classified information – materials (SAR) by economic operators who gain access to them.
According to the above framework, economic operators who wish to participate in the procedure for issuing the EKVA certificate are required to demonstrate that they have developed specific procedures, policies and capabilities.
The whole process for certification can lead to the following certifications:
– There is an area for protection [National classified information – materials (SAR)]
degree of security (confidential, strictly confidential and ETNA top secret).
– Certified information communications system for the safe keeping and processing of classified information of security grade.
– Electronic security and installation.


How can we help

We are ready to listen and respond to all such needs, anytime and whatever they might be. Our legal and security consultants will work with you in planning for compliance within regulations and specifications and will guide you in the search for solutions to issues of immediate application and force..
Rely on our support and advice from the certification preparation stage to the certification inspection stage. Our legal and security advisors will also provide you with management strategies and advice, and will represent you wherever – and whenever – necessary.


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