Corporate governance is quite demanding and difficult field, requiring combination of competing interests and regulatory, operational, fiduciary, political, communications and market factors. Furthermore, it necessitates the application of judgment, legal analysis, and practical decision-making in a real-time environment where decisions are likely to be second-guessed and sometimes reviewed by the courts.

It is common sense that the best way to avoid a corporate governance crisis is to plan for it; and that often the most successfully resolved crises are the ones that no one hears about. When an issue is in the spotlight, we use as many resources and expertise as possible, including securities regulation, disclosure, corporate law, communications policy, compliance practices, privacy, fiduciary duties, investor relations, activist shareholders and experience-based business judgment.
We are experienced in guiding boards of directors, special committees, management and corporate leadership on the full range of governance issues, including:

advising boards, committees, management and leadership in discharging their legal and fiduciary obligations while preserving all available legal protections
responding to and negotiating with national and international securities regulators and other enforcement agencies
working with your auditors and financial advisors to resolve potential accounting issues
handling disclosure in a manner that both satisfies legal obligations and is sensitive to the concerns of investors, employees and the media
conducting internal investigations to determine relevant facts quickly and accurately
working with financing sources
handling any civil litigation that may arise