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“Oikonomakis Law” offers advice on a wide spectrum of corporate legal matters, part of which necessarily represents the notion of corporate trustee, thus being able to advise persons, both legal and natural, on any surfacing corporate matter.



We are future-oriented by setting strategic long-term goals; planning ahead is not just a necessity but an inherent characteristic of our corporate identity.


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Our mind-set is global thus we enjoy working seamlessly across borders.


We focus on delivering world-class legal services and advice, thus reaching for the highest standard possible means that excellence is the only threshold.

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• Knowledge of applicable law
• Market approach
• Risk management
• Project finance
• Dispute resolution and litigation
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• Tax issues

What is Corporate Trustee

The notion of trust is more or less unknown in terms of Greek legislation, even though much appreciated within common law jurisdictions, as is the case with Cyprus. In a nutshell the trustee is the person responsible to manage certain funds on behalf of a legal entity or simply a natural person, who wish to retain their anonymity.

How We Can Help

“Oikonomakis Law” has the expert knowledge to advise on a wide range of matters such as corporate law, corporate management, commercial law issues, company formation, thus dealing with trust issues comes only as a natural sine qua non.

Our team of lawyers shall be assisting you with all sensitive matters arising from such legal arrangement that nowadays seems to be even more appealing to assignors of ours.


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