Council of State

What is the Council of State

The Council of State (henceforth called “Council”) constitutes within Greece the ultimate administrative Court, which in essence responds to the need of a modern State which needs to have under control its administrative and in general, its various overall state-related activities.

Even with its very first decision back in 1929 (1/1929), after a dismissed policeman’s petition of invalidation, the Council brought forward and pinpointed its presence and its operation as the judge of legality.

Going back to the basics, it has to be noted that first of all and according to article 94 of the Constitution as the latter has been duly reformed after the Decree of the 7th Revising Parliament of the Hellenic Republic, differences which are administrative in essence are the ones to be brought forward before the Council of State and the rest of the regular Administrative Courts, reserving the ones to be brought forward before the Court of Auditors.



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About Council of State

In particular, the regular competent Administrative Courts handle:
A’. Administrative differences in essence, the hearing of which is to be regulated by provisions of the Code of Administrative Procedure (CAP, valid as of the issuance of article 1 of law 2717/1999 – Α΄ 97–).
B’. Differences of invalidity, that have been transferred in terms of jurisdiction to these Courts from the Council of State as provided by law and whose hearing is to be handled according to the provisions of Presidential Decree 18/1989 (Α΄ 8).

OIKONOMAKIS CHRISTOS GLOBAL LAW FIRM abides with the Council of State with regards to safeguarding the fundamental liberal and democratic principles, both of whom constitute unequivocally the aim as well as the compass of the choices, not only of our Managing Partner but also of all our Associates and of all professionals working along our Firm. It is in light of these events that we perceive ourselves as guardians of all procedures that safeguard but also handle over the torch of the principles of Justice and Eunomia to society as a whole.

Thanks to its rich case-law, the Council of State protects but also underlines the importance of the petition of invalidation as a legal means which is competently recognized constitutional-wise, but also as a right in favor of every citizen who has been mistreated by the State. And OIKONOMAKIS CHRISTOS GLOBAL LAW FIRM shall be there to have this means/ right properly applied, and by no means revoked in any possible way.

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