In 2018, the Cypriot Government moved forward with the introduction of the Cypriot Investment Program, amended only a year later, in particular in 13. 02.2019, in light of the strategic decision of Cyprus to encourage, favor and facilitate foreign investors and investments, or in other words individuals of certain and apparent financial caliber, to reside and become business active in Cyprus, the Cypriot Cabinet prepared and launched the “Cyprus Investment Program”.

Thus, this “Program” is about non-Cypriot nationals and their family members, how they are to submit such applications within the framework of the “Program”, the necessary paperwork and all of the related thereto procedure.

A necessary precondition in order to proceed further with such an application is for the candidate/ applicant to have been previously registered with the “Registry of Service Providers of the Cyprus Investment Program”, thus, in a nutshell, only those individuals that have already been registered, are eligible after August 01, 2018 to submit such an application.

Please bear in mind that all names of eligible applicants, members of the Registry, are available at the official website of the Committee of Supervision and Control for the Cypriot Investment Program.

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