To make things as clear as possible even from the very beginning, it needs to be underlined that higher education in Cyprus is regulated according to the provisions of the Bologna Process dating back in 1998.

There are four types of institutions allowed to be operating in the country, namely Public Universities, Private Universities, Public Institutions of Tertiary Education and Private Institutions of Tertiary Education
When the question is brought forward “what one needs to do in order to establish a college in Cyprus”, it is only safe to assume that in essence this is a query with regards to all the bits and bobs necessary so in order for a private university to properly operate in Cyprus.

First of all, the necessary laws to be applied are that of 109(1)/ 2005, as well as that of 74(Ι)/ 2011.
The necessary authority supervising the process of establishing such Institutions is the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth which is the competent one to accept and handle such applications.

The necessary authority to overview the actual everyday work of such Institutions and whether they have been applying all necessary preconditions provided for by the aforementioned legal framework is the “Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education”, situated in Nicosia, an independent authority of the sort in order to exercise its duties in a way that all its reports and opinions remain unbiased by third parties which could show interest in the Agency’s works and processes.

For the sake of clarity it should be stated that there only six – 6 – such private institutions currently operating in Cyprus, something which undoubtedly proves that the prerequisites marked by law are not at all to be considered as indifferent, while the idea of preserving high standards of quality has been properly realized by all the therein involved agents.

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