Nowadays franchising has become for many enterprises one of the most efficient and profitable way to grow. Whether you are a start-up company or a mature business, we understand the franchise industry and its diverse legal needs.

You definitely need the best advice as you establish and expand you franchise locally, nationally, or even internationally. Oikonomakis Christos Global Law Firm has extensive experience in all franchising distribution models and many industry sectors, such as: restaurant, retail, services, hospitality, entertainment, education, healthcare etc. Regardless of industry sector, all companies involved in franchising usually have the same concerns over risk management, partner selection, enforcement of quality standards, and legal and regulatory compliance. As they expand nationally or internationally, clients will rely on our experience and in-depth knowledge of franchising to mitigate these risks.We provide advice on the full range of legal issues including:

  • Master Franchise and Area Development Agreements
  • Unit Franchising
  • Franchise Disclosure and Registration
  • Franchise Disputes
  • Withholding Taxes and reverse charges of VAT and sales tax
  • Franchise Dispute Resolution
  • Customer Data Management and Loyalty Schemes
  • Anti-Trust and Competition Law compliance
  • Regulatory compliance including Anti-Bribery, FCPA, Sanctions
  • Litigation and alternative dispute resolution techniques

We implement meticulously designed approach for our franchising strategy, in order to fully exploit the potential that franchising offers. Our strategic advice to new franchisors or already franchise clients include the determination of the best financial model that suits best your business as we work with several franchise systems.

We offer clients the unique balance of deep local knowledge of practices each country of the world, in the context of an understanding of franchising developments and best practice worldwide.

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