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Our firm, “Oikonomakis Law” retains in Greece a network of real estate evaluators, notaries and certified lawyers in fields such as corporate law, real estate law, nationality law and even with regards of the provision of residence permits, all of whom are ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED and able to intervene and facilitate the issuance of Golden Visa in Greece regardless of your state of origin e.g. Singapore, Hong-Kong, China, Turkey, Russia, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Ukraine, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc.

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Schengen Convention linked to the issuance of Golden Visa in Greece

The Golden Visa status in Greece offers to whomever is a beneficiary owning this certain visa, the advantage of free movement within the zone as provided by the Schengen Convention (“Schengen Convention Area”).

It is an extended area-zone, consisted by 26 EU member-states that have decided to abolish any passport or any other control check among them that would have taken place when at their borders. In other words, and in principle, the total area of the 6 operates as a single common zone which in this way it allows free movement, by practically setting in action a common visa policy. The zone itself has been named after the Convention signed in this small town in Luxembourg called Schengen in 1985.

The numbers concerning the Convention as such read as follows:

  • 22 out 28 EU member-states form part of the Convention

  • 4 out of the remaining 6 member-states and in particular Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus and Romania are obliged to form part of the Convention in the near future, and actually it is only Ireland and United Kingdom that have opted out from the Convention as such

  • The four EFTA member-states, namely Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland are not even EU members, however they have already signed all relevant agreements which practically recognize the validity of the Schengen Convention even within their own territories

  • Regarding the three micro-states within the EU borders without however consisting parts of the EU, namely Monaco, San Marino and the Vatican State, they do de facto comprise parts of the Schengen Convention

  • The total population of all members-states parts of the Convention rises up to more than 400 million people

  • The total area regulated by the provisions of the Convention is in total 4.312.099 square kilometers

  • Nearly 1.7 million people commute by vehicle and in general via transportation means crossing EU borders every day, while in the case of some countries and in terms of percentage this constitutes somewhat 1/3 of their actual workforce

  • Each year almost 1.3 billion people cross borders within the Convention area, of whom 57 million through main national roads, spending in total an amount of almost 2.8 trillion € each year

  • The decrease in the cost of trade due to the Convention as such is estimated at about 0.42% to 1.59% depending on the circumstances each time, of the involved therein natural/ legal persons and of other outer factors

Notwithstanding the above, a few more things need to be made clear regarding the Convention at hand. First of all, even countries not part of the Schengen zone benefit from its certain application status. In addition, and respectively, the more the border checks have decreased within the Schengen countries’ borderline, the more they have been intensified without the countries of the same borderline which do not constitute part of the Convention.

Counties of the Convention

Area (km2)

Population (2016)













Czech Republic











































































The Netherlands




















Slovak Republic
























12. 12.2008






Finally, please find below all data and details of the three micro-states which do not form part of the Convention, however and as already mentioned above they do de facto operate as practically being part of it:


Area (km2)

Population (2016)




San Marino



Vatican State




Golden Visa and the acquisition of Greek Nationality and of Greek – European Passport
Golden Visa offers the option of acquisition of citizenship in Greece and that of Greek-European Passport and after seven years’ time from the time of acquisition of Golden Visa.

In particular, according to article 31 of Law 4531/2018 the provisions regarding the Greek Nationality Code have been amended and they are to be introduced after 05/04/2018.

In addition and as per the under nr. 130181/6353/2018 of 02.04.2018 decision of the Minister of Internal Affairs του Υπουργού Εσωτερικών (Official Gaz. 1208/Β΄), the following have been added to the deeds of permanent residence that are to be accepted in order for foreigners of different origin to be granted with citizenship, namely the permits of indefinite term, those of ten-years’, residence permits regarding investing activities, residence permit of a real estate owner and permanent residence permit of an investor. The amendment of these permits is valid as of the date of the publication of the aforementioned ministerial decision i.e. as of 02/04/2018.

Therefore in order for someone who is already in possession of a Golden Visa to acquire Greek citizenship, the necessary condition of him/ her residing lawfully and permanently for seven years before the actual date of submission of that specific plea has to be fulfilled.

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Statistics Concerning the Golden Visa in Greece

please find below relevant charts displaying in the most clear cut way the number and trends with regards to residence permits issued not only for investors themselves, but also when it comes to their family members as well, including both dependent children and grandparents from both sides:

Residence permits to investors- Top 10 countries





















Other countries





Residence permits to investors and their families – Top 10 countries





















Other countries





Residence permits to investors per year
















Residence permits to investors and their families per year
















One of the findings that strikes us most when going through the details of the charts is that different nationalities behave in different ways regarding their families, their family members and ultimately, their perception of family members: while Egyptians take with them 1.3 dependent members of families, Syrians and Iraqis bring with them 2.7 and even 3.2 members of family respectively:

Expenses and fees concerning the issuance of Golden Visa in Greece

It is clear that in order for a real estate to be purchased, this happens to be a procedure that could be completed via electronic means, in other words via POS, or via a crossed/ two-lines cheque, or even via money transfer by using either a debit or a credit card

In particular, the agreed price to be paid shall be completed:

  • via a crossed/ two-lines cheque issued in the name of the beneficiary’s account by a banking institution operating in Greece; or
  • via money transfer, according to Article 4 of law 4537/2018 (A ’84); or
  • via an installed POS, by making use of the investor’s debit or credit card, in the account of the service provider, according to Article 4 of law 4537/2018 (A ’84)

All the aforementioned payments could be concluded either by the wife/ the spouse of the investor or by a relative by blood or, else, by relative by affinity

Further down you shall have a look at the expenses born by Assignors in order to have a Golden Visa issued, having a footnote clarifying that all relevant expenses shall be distinguished in five (5) different categories:

  • Expenses fixed and compulsory to be paid to Authorities of the Hellenic [Greek] Republic, let alone third parties , which shall be paid directly, without any fluctuation regarding payment ability as such
  • Expenses optional depending on the choices of the investor and proportional to the investment to be concluded
  • Expenses related to the legal status of ownership deeds (contracts) of the real estate that is to be sold, as well as expenses regarding the legal representation by a lawyer, as this is compulsory by law in terms of purchase of such property [real estate]
  • Fee expenses of our Law Firm and of our Associates to the end of obtaining a Golden Visa
  • Follow-up expenses after the issuance of a Golden Visa, which are to be paid from time to time, however these are also to be considered permanent in essence

Furthermore there are two more kinds of expenses to be dealt with:

A. Expenses to be paid to the Greek State and third parties at the time of the signature of the sales contract, at the same time that the Application regarding the issuance of the Visa is to be submitted

  • In case of the purchase of a real estate, the tax to be paid to the Greek State sums up to 3, 09% on the amount noted on the deed itself as the price of sales agreement
  • The notary’s fee is to be established at 0,8% (plus a VAT burden of 24% on top of that) on the price noted on the deed itself as the price of sales agreement
  • The land registry’s fee regarding the notification transfer of the deed is to be established at 4,75% (a VAT of 24% to be included on the emerging amount) on the price noted on the deed itself as the price of sales agreement
  • Issuance fee regarding certificates from the land registry, estimated at about 60, 00€
  • Submission application fee regarding residence permit: 2000, 00€ per applicant (adult)
  • Medical insurance of the purchaser in Greece by a private insurance company, in case he/ she does not happen to have one from abroad (ranging from 100, 00€ to 200, 00€ minimum per person, depending on the type of insurance, the width of the insurance coverage as such, the age of the investor etc.)

B. Optional expenses linked to the choices of the investor and the way his/her investment is to be realized, expenses of that kind to be made at the time of the provision of the related thereto services

Regarding the research-for-real estate by a real estate agent, his/ her fee VAT inclusive (24%) rises up to 2% on the price of the property. This fee should by no means be related to our Firm or any other relevant fee towards us, while it should be related exclusively to the real estate agent who had been responsible for locating the real estate from the very beginning.

Please take into consideration that we do maintain partnership with many real estate agents in Greece, needless to say though it is very likely that some properties may be introduced to our Firm by some other agent with whom we had never done business before in the past.

Please take into consideration the following:

It has been noticed that in Greece real estate properties happen to be sold in unbelievable prices due to the existence of the Golden Visa Program, and in effect properties happen to be sold at about 250.000, 00€, while their actual price is actually much smaller, and this differentiation in price is attributed to the involvement of too many middlemen, be it professionals or not.

Our Firm follows a strict protocol of legal standards, which in essence leads to a formation of prices not at all affected by such factors. Subsequently, this is why our fees remain unchangeable, without any further burden placed on top of them and in relation to the price of the property.

  • Formation of a Company in Greece

If the purchaser wishes so, he/ she is also able to proceed with the purchase of a real estate property via a company/ legal entity which shall be established in Greece, keeping always in mind that he/ she might as well proceed to such an option as a natural person and solely in his/ her name. It is to be noted, that given the type of the company, the formation cost is to be estimated at about 800, 00€ to 2.000, 00€ (a VAT of 24% to be further included on top of that)

Definitely to be noted the fact the establishment of a company is not compulsory, even more so if the property as such is not to be used for business purposes. When a company is established, its owner bears also the cost of social insurance which is to be estimated at approximately 180, 00 – 200, 00€ per month.

Attention: the residence permit does not allow the investor as such to be employed or involved in any financial activity in Greece. However, any member of a Board of Directors or an acting Managing Director is allowed to get financially involved. Thus, any investor who wishes to be employed or establish a business in Greece in order to get a residence permit must be predispositioned to purchase a real estate property via this business which is to be established by him/ her either as [sole] shareholder or as Managing Partner 

C. Fee of our Law Firm in order to have the Golden Visa issued

Our Law Firm provides the following services:

  • Issuance of a travel visa in order to visit Greece, something which presupposes and relates to the necessary and relevant preparation and research in order to have it [the Visa] issued
  • Consideration regarding assistance by natural presence and even by our associates commuting on site accordingly, furthermore by providing services of interpreter/ translator [if needed]
  • Issuance of Tax Number
  • Opening a bank account in Greece
  • Confirmation of the ownership certificate at the local Land Registry
  • Legal representation during the signing of the purchase Contract
  • Submission of applications regarding issuance of residence permits and follow-up of such procedures

i. Lawyer’s fee for his appearance before the notary during the signing of the Contract is defined in accordance with article 74 of the Hellenic Code of Lawyers at least according to the table below:

Property Value X % (plus  VAT 24%)
From the value of 0,00 Euro  to  44,000 Euro 1.00%
From the value of 44,001 Euro  to  1,400,000 Euro 0.5%
From the value of 1,400,001 Euro to 3,000,000 Euro 0.4%
From the value of 3,000,001 Euro to 6,000,000 Euro 0.3%
From the value of 6,000,001 Euro to 15,000,000 Euro 0.2%
From the value of 15,000,001 Euro to 30,000,000 Euro 0.1%
From the value of 30,000,001 Euro to 60,000,000 Euro 0.05%
From the value of up 60,000,001 Euro 0.01%

ii. Lawyer’s fee for Checking property’s titles in the registry is defined additional, in accordance with article 74 of the Hellenic Code of Lawyers at least according to the table above.

Are you further interested in getting an idea of amounts of money possibly needed in order to have an investment forwarded and the issuance of a Golden Visa in Greece under way? Please contact us:

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  • Accounting overview of the company which is to purchase the property, or arrangement of every accounting and tax issue on behalf of the owner/ natural person, for as long as he/ she owns it
  • Arrangement of any issue where the Greek State is involved and any other related thereto Services:

depending on the investment as such and whether it has been made by a natural person or a legal entity and depending on the type of that entity, the expenses shall be rising up from 100, 00€ to 400, 00€ depending on the specifics of the entity, by also adding a VAT percentage of 24% per month. The aforementioned amounts of money shall be invoiced by the Accounting Firm responsible for the handling of these properties which might [or might not] be an associate of our Law Firm

  • Tax Relating to Real Estate Property (in Greek, called “ENFIA”), which derives as a percentage of 1/1.000 on the property’s value as such, on an annual basis
  • Lease to be received by third parties, in case the property as such has been purchased by a natural person and has been further leased, which is to be taxed regardless of the size of the property, according to the scale below:
  1. Annual income due to property lease of 0 – 12.000, 00€ , tax on a scale of 15%.
  2. Annual income due to property lease of 12.001, 00€ – 35.000, 00€, tax on a scale of 35%.
  3. Annual income due to property lease of 35.001, 00€ onwards, tax on a scale of 45%.

Property purchase value: 250,000 Euro

Costs up to the receipt of Golden Visa in Greece for an investor who buys the property individually (and not using a company):

Services Property Value X % Total % V.A.T. VAT TOTAL + VAT
Tax to the Greek Public 250000 3,09% 7.725,00 € 7.725,00 €
Fees of the Notary 250000 0,80% 2.000,00 € 24% 480 2.000,00 €
Fees of the registry for the transcript of the contract 250000 0,48% 1.187,50 € 24% 285 1.472,50 €
Cost for issuing of certification from the registry 250000 60,00 €
Cost for the Greek State for applying a Residence License 250000 2000,00 €
Medical Insurance in Greece of the purchaser from a private insurance company 250000 200,00 €
Broker’s fees (optional, only if relevant broker services are offered) 250000 2,00% 5.000,00 € 24% 1200 6.200,00 €
TOTAL 19.657,00 €

Are you further interested in getting an idea of amounts of money possibly needed in order to have an investment forwarded and the issuance of a Golden Visa in Greece under way? Please contact us:

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Annual expenses after purchasing the property and acquiring Golden Visa in Greece:

  • Accounting 1.200 per year, plus V.A.T. 24%=288€ and total 1.488 euro per year
  • Property Tax (ENFIA), which is approximately 1/000 of the property value annually (25000 X 1/000=) 250 €
  • In case you choose to purchase the property as individual, then if you rent it to a third party, the real estate income is taxed independently, according to the following scale:
    Property income (annual) 0-12.000€ scale tax 15%
    Property income (annual) 12.001- 35.000€ scale tax 35%
    Property income (annual) 35.001- scale tax 45%

Download the brochure for the Golden Visa Program of Hellenic Republic


What one has to bear in mind is that as soon as he/ she purchases a Property of a minimum value of
250.000, 00€, he/ she is entitled to get a Greek Residence Permit and the thereto related Schengen Visa provided to non-EU Nationals.

The Greek Golden Visa Program is an exceptional opportunity offered both to any natural person but also to the core members of his/ her family given that all of them are allowed to freely reside within the EU, while also making use of other sorts of beneficial arrangements and options such as reliable education, people-friendly healthcare system, insurance policies regarding pensions, other supporting programs and so forth and so on.

In particular this is a program that helps all members of a single family, i.e. father, mother, children of minor age and even children up to 24 years of age who are anyhow dependent on their parents, plus the parents of both spouses, to get permanent residence within Greece in 3 months’ time, from the moment the actual purchase of a real estate property takes place; and this is unique in terms of the whole of the EU.

It is to be noted that the Golden Visa Program as such de jure facilitates travelling throughout all Schengen Zone Countries, 90 days in total for very s-month period; beside that, there is also the option of insurance policies which is an advantage of the sort you would not expect to find elsewhere in the world, while there is also the option of getting a passport in case you wish to elaborate further in what this initial step of property purchase enables.

€250,000 +

Flexible. No
minimum stay.

Real Estate

Full Family

EU Schengen
Zone Travel

Main Points:

  • Children of up to 24 years of age are eligible to participate in the said program (firstly, up to the age of 21, furthermore there can be an extension up to the age of 24)

  • Parents of both spouses may also be included in the Program

  • 3 months’ time to have everything arranged (in certain cases/ region even less time is needed, i.e. 10 days in total)

  • Option for EU Citizenship

  • Schengen zone accessibility: visa-free travel option

The case of Greece: what does the Program entail?

You and your family shall be able to reside in Greece without any restrictions, or in case you have been already registered here to prolongue your stay. Greece has nowadays left behind the difficult days of its recent past and it has resumed its place as travel hub with flights connecting all of its major cities with major points of reference in Europe, the Americas, Oceania, Africa etc.

One could also mention all other advantages related with the Greece being member of the EU and the rest of the Western world, not forgetting though its connections and roots with the East. Quality of life such as malls, restaurants, beauty centers, archaeological sites of uniqueness, sports, culture, climate, universities are only some of the features Greece may easily offer to you and your family once you decide to embrace it as your second (or first) homeland.

Getting down to specifics

In terms of eligibility the Golden Visa Greece Program applies not only to the actual purchaser, but also to his/ her spouse, the dependent on them children even if they are up to 24 years old, and even more so to the grandparents of both sides. The permit’s permanent status is there for all of the aforementioned members of the wider family and it shall be remaining as such as long as the real estate property remains with its initial purchaser; every 5 years it has to be renewed by just being obliged to appear before the competent state administrative authority that shall confirm the ownership status.

The whole program evolves around the necessary precondition of investing through the purchase of a real estate property of 250.000, 00€ worth (brutto or net). Any property is eligible be it land as such, new property, resale etc. If for any reason the purchaser decides to sell that certain property else before the 5-year period to someone of foreign nationality, he/ she can also apply for the same status, however, the first purchaser needs to forfeit his/ her own permit and ultimately lose any such right at all.

  • There is always the case of joint ownership of a real estate property of 250.000, 00€; if it is about spouses, then there is no question of permit at all given that the spouses keep each 50% of the said property. In any oher case, though, i.e. the purchase is not that of a spouse, then each of the purchasers has to pay the amount of
    250.000, 00€

  • If the purchase has taken place by a legal entity of any sort, then it has to be proven that this entity entirely belongs to a single member/ natural person

  • There is, of course, the option of purchasing more than one properties as long as they amount to the sum of 250.000, 00€

Having said the above, it also needs to be mentioned that residents of already permanent status are eligible to apply for Greek citizenship after having spent 7 consecutive years in the country. Their children can be eligible on their part if the following boxes have been checked accordingly:

  • Attendance of any school in Greece for a 9year-period

  • Attendance of a secondary level school in Greece for a shorter period of 6 years

  • Attendance of a University in Greece

Please do keep in mind that all EU citizens enjoy free access to employment, travelling, education, healthcare across the whole range of the (still) 28 countries of the EU. The Greek passport is the most useful tool you need when your aim is to travel not only within the EU but practically to all countries with the exception of only a handful of them

Obtaining the Golden Visa Greece in a plain and simple way

A process which read as follows:

  • Getting the Entry Visa and Locate the Property that suits you
  • Purchasing the Property by signing all necessary documents and the agreement itself

It is to be noted that according to Law 4605/2019 the program regarding the issuance of Golden Visa residence permit extends to all those who shall be proceeding to a:

  • Purchase of shares in light of a share capital increase or bonds by contributing capital of at least 400.000 euros at the time of publication of the loan of businesses having a seat or premises in Greece and admitted to Greek official stock-exchange markets

  • Contribution in capital of a sum of 400.000 euros at least in an Investment Business of Real Estate (in Greek “ΑΕΕΑΠ”), which shall be investing exclusively in real estate properties in Greece so as to get shares and have its capital share increased

  • Contribution in capital of a sum of at least 400.000 euros in a venture capital fund (in Greek “ΕΚΕS”) in order to acquire shares of risk capital fund (in Greek “ΑΚΕS”) in order to acquire shares given that the aforementioned organizations do intend to invest exclusively on businesses having a seat and/ or premises in Greece

  • Purchase of Greek state bonds of a value of at least 000 euros and remaining duration regarding the purchase time of at least three years, through a banking institution located in Greece

  • Guarantee Fund Fixed Term Deposits in a Greek banking institution. The deposits shall be of at least 000 euros, of annual duration renewed once a year via direct debit

  • Purchase of shares, corporate bonds or Greek state bonds which are to be admitted for negotiations or have undergone negotiations already in the Greek stock-exchange market. In such case the acquisition value should be estimated at about 000 euros minimum

  • Purchase of shares of a purchase value of 400.000 euros in the form of risk capital fund which has been established in Greece or in any other country and which shall be investing exclusively on mobile properties of value (capital shares and corporate bonds or even Greek state bonds) which shall be admitted for negotiations or have being negotiated already in the Greek stock-exchange market. The amount of the positive position of that risk capital fund shall be estimated to at least 3 million euros

  • Purchase of shares or capital shares of a value of 400.000 euros in an organization of alternative investments (e.g. venture capital holdings) which shall have been established in Greece or any other member-state of the EU and which shall be investing exclusively on real estate property in Greece

  • Initiating the process by filing the necessary documents for a Golden Visa, and by obtaining gradually all supporting documents:
  1. Valid copy of passport
  2. 3 pictures, recent & colored
  3. Copy of a contract or contracts of total value of 250.000, 00€
  4. Transfer certificate issued by the Land Registry
  5. Application to get Residence Permit: a cost of 2.000, 00€ per person (adult)

Regarding family members, i.e. spouse and children: certificates of marital status, both an original and a copy bearing the APOSTILLE stamp.

Please bear in mind that the signing of the purchase agreement as well as the submission of the application regarding the Residence Permit as such could be processed by a lawyer vested with a proxy. 

Greece Golden Visa Program: a roadmap

Step one: Decision reached by (future) purchaser to travel accordingly to Greece and find property that meets its needs.

Step two: Getting in contact with our Law Firm.

Step three: issuance of a travel visa by our Law Firm in order for you to visit Greece.

Step four: arrival in Greece and meeting with lawyers and associates of ours to get to locate the property of your liking.

To that end our Team may as well assist you not only with technical/ legal details but also with all ordinary ones, such as assisting you with booking a hotel for the time you’ ll be spending in Greece while in search of the proper property, alet alone all other relevant and not so relevant arrangements that may surface along the way while remaining here in Greece e.g. lease a car, arranging a visit to a doctor in case of an emergency, making arrangement for a visit to an archaeological site or a cultural event of any sort etc.:

Step five: Hands on procedure of actually vising properties here in Greece, checking locations, with at least one member of our Team, preferably a Translator or a property expert.

Step six: selection of a property or properties and, practically, launching of the purchase sequence payment in advance of 10% of the price & Pre-Sales Private Purchase Agreement.

Step seven: signing of a Power of Attorney (“Proxy”) at a Notary’s Office appointing and allowing the representative Lawyer –s to: issue a Tax Number (in Greek “AFM”)

  • Open a bank account

  • Sign the Final (proper) Purchase Agreement

  • Initiate the Golden Visa Application Procedure

Allow us to elaborate a little further on the actual signing of the Final (proper) Purchase Agreement by stressing the following, and in a nutshell what is practically and tangible needed to be done.

First of all, the authorized/ appointed Lawyer (or one of them) after having signed the Final Agreement at the Notary’s Office, makes sure that the same Agreement is registered with the competent Land Registry, in order for the actual Transfer of Deed to take place.

Secondly, and after having concluded the procedure with the Land Registry as such, by paying all necessary fees as calculated by the Land Registry itself, our Associate Lawyer shall be receiving the proper finalized Contract which by now has been completely finalized and settled accordingly.

Our Associate Lawyer, who has already been authorized by you in terms of the above, applies now for the so-called Blue Card, for which the following are necessary:

  • The properly concluded Final Contract and relevant attached Certificate

  • The INITIAL Entry Visa

  • Passport

  • Application, filled in and accordingly signed

  • Health Insurance

In case of a spouse and dependent children already involved and interested in being arranged simultaneously the following needs also to be in place:

  • Family Certificate (issued by competent authority from the country of origin, official and certified translation)

  • Marriage certificate (as issued aby the competent authority, and, as above, official and certified translation)

  • Birth certificates regarding dependent children of minor age (as issued aby the competent authority, and, as above, official and certified translation)

Please note that all of the aforementioned can be taken care of either by you, if you decide to visit yourself Greece and have us assisting you accordingly, or by the appointed Lawyer –s of our Law Firm provided that they have been vested by you with such authority via a Power Of Attorney.

Whatever the action taken, you should always bear in mind that ultimately what we are aiming to achieve is the issuance of the Golden Visa so as to enjoy all related thereto advantages.

As soon as all of the above take place, we then need to arrange the necessary Biometrics Appointment so as for the purchaser and the rest of his/ her family members to have everything in place by providing their fingertips to competent Greek Authorities.

The appointment shall be taking place in 6 to 10 weeks’ time.

This is actually one of the very few occasions that the actual purchaser and members of his/ her family need to be here in Greece and have this appropriately concluded. It shall then be with the appointed Lawyer to make sure he/ she gets the Golden Visa Card and forward them via regular post to you accordingly. NOTE: It is of vital importance to know that in order for the appointed Lawyer to get on your behalf the Golden Visa Card he/ she needs to have with him/ her the Applicants’ original passports!

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