We insist on investing and empowering our Firm so as to facilitate your interests even better.

We wish to thank you for your support and we ask for your understanding  when it comes to our flaws (which we try to constantly diminish).

In particular, on Judicial Year September 2018 – August 2019:

  1. We trained at our own expense even more people of our work force in terms of Mediation (5 of our associates from our Scientific department), Real Estate – Auditor of Immovable Values (attendance of Master’s degree in the UK – 1 associate of ours) and General Data Protection Regulation (3 associates of ours)
  2. We expanded our offices in Athens (18, Voukourestiou str., 2nd floor) by 33 more vacancies and in Piraeus (42-44 Iroon Polytechniou Ave., 2nd floor) by 7 more vacancies
  3. We have built and set up our own judicial management program of issues, documents and cases by working closely and in cooperation with TIPOUKEITOS and Magic Projects computing systems, and set it into action in 10-1-2019
  4. We are now applying the quality management according to EN ISO 9001 : 2000 in all offices of our network (Germany, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria and Cyprus). Certification is about the provision of legal services in the fields of international corporate law, international business law, international succession law, international tax law, family law, real estate law, international penal law, labor law, insurance law and it has been provided according to procedures of inspection and certification
  5. We have concluded 97% of our webpage’s structural update (oikonomakislaw.com) , while for the time being the lists of all our provided services are being updated and further ameliorations are currently a work-in-progress like for instance presentation-wise, uploading of photos etc
  6. In our webpage (( https://oikonomakislaw.com/el/deals-cases/ ) nearly 500 out of 1.700 cases that have been assigned to our Firm have been uploaded so far since 1-9-2018 until today, the description of which currently consists of 3.500 legal so-called tags. Out of these tags nearly 800 have been translated into English. We do hope that by the beginning of September 2019 we will have managed to translate the total sum of these tags in English, and have our whole case load of 1700 cases uploaded in both Greek and English, while at the same time the relevant work of constantly having the day-to-day cases uploaded shall be a work-in-progress
  7. Respectively on our webpage (( https://oikonomakislaw.com/el/law-case/ )nearly 150 denominated court decisions have been uploaded in the Greek language (out of 3.000 court decisions currently in our data base), for which a synopsis shall have to be prepared as well as a thesaurus of legal tags, while both tags and synopses (and not the full version of court decisions) shall have to be translated into the English language, with a horizon of full implementation by September 2019 onwards (by actually processing 5 decisions per day (denomination in Greek, synopsis of decisions in Greek, tags in Greek, translation of both synopses and tags in English, uploading them on the network). Hence, the duration of such a task shall of three years long as of today, while the relevant work regarding newly published court decisions shall be an open-ended work-in-progress
  8. On our website ( https://oikonomakislaw.com/el/news-2/ https://oikonomakislaw.com/el/articles-publications-2/ and https://oikonomakislaw.com/el/newsletters/ respectively)there have been published recent News, Articles and Publications and Informative Posts, while simultaneously there has been an effort to have everything bilingual (in Greek and English), by having a parallel effort to have all thesaurus legal tags registered
  9. We have exchanged nearly 28.000 unique e-directives (since 10-1-2019) each of them forwarded internally to our numerous Associates, and we have informed our assignors via nearly 9.000 e-mails (since 1-9-2018)

We have assigned on our part the main task regarding coordination and management of the works at hand to ELIA INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING SERVICES Ltd ( www.eliacs.com ), a company which in order to have everything operational has been employing:

  • A lawyer responsible for all legal synopses and legal tags both in Greek and in English
  • A lawyer to collect decisions and have them filed
  • Someone responsible to create and maintain a website
  • Someone responsible to support and operate computing systems
  • Someone to register
  • Someone to coordinate
  • While implementing the whole project presupposes the increased assistance of our people

And we keep on doing everything solely by ourselves…


Author: Oikonomakis Christos

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