Having all registrations with regards to National Cadastre properly corrected

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In order to have all registrations with regards to National Cadastre properly corrected, the following have to be taken into consideration, as per article 6 par. 8 of law 2664-1998:

a. without prejudice to all provisions pf article 20 of the aforementioned law, the registered proprietor of the initial registrations of a registered right may as well ask via a submitted application to the appointed Cadastre Judge at the competent Single-Person First-Instance Court the correction of details regarding the initial registration process, both in terms of description as well as in terms geometry, and as long as those details are not about issues forming part of article 20A 20Α (in other words, in all these cases where correcting a registration relating to Cadastre, should simply fall under the provisions regarding simple obvious mistake). Please note, that with regards to such an application, it is by means of invalidity not accepted to question rights of co-proprietors, the boundaries of neighboring real estate properties or the rights of third persons on the latter real estates. Within 15 days’ time from the aforementioned application, the application as such by means of invalidity is to be registered at the same page of the real estate property as such.

b. The Cadastre Judge runs a process which is coined as non-contentious. In order to have the process under way, and by means of invalidity, a copy of the relevant page of the Cadastre Registry and an extract of the respective Cadastre diagram are necessary always with regards to the actual real estate property at hand. In case the application as such is about changes with regards to the Cadastre diagram, then instead of the aforementioned extract, a surveyor’s diagram of geometric changes has to be provided in which the actual geometrical change to take place should be noted as per the application at hand. In this latter case, the expert opinion of the Cadastre Office [i.e. the competent authority] has to be presented as well, unless there is not yet any such Office in place, in which case, and given that the competent Land Registry is the one replacing it accordingly, the Societe Anonyme founded by the Greek State as such in order to overview all these procedures must provide such an opinion with regards to the technical prerequisites of such a depiction of the geometric alteration to take place as soon as the application in question is submitted. As soon as the application gets accepted, the registration gets amended.

c. In order to have registration amended by means of a ruling reached by the competent Judge, and according to certain prerequisites described just below, an application has to be submitted to the competent Cadastre Office by anyone who enjoys a legitimate interest of the sort. That application is to be accompanied by documents according to which the ruling has been declared final. In addition, all remaining issues are to be arranged in a proportional way according to provisions of par. 3 of article 17.



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Furthermore, the following supporting documents need to be presented as well:

a) title-deeds e.g. the contract, which fundamentally establishes someone’s right on a certain real estate property
b) transfer certificate/ registration certificate of the aforementioned title-deeds as provided for by the competent Land Registry
c) details on the actual location of the real estate property in question e.g. via a recent surveyor’s diagram
d) copy of the page of the Cadastre Records and an extract from the Cadastre diagram which essentially needs to be corrected (in addition it would be quite helpful if you could also provide the initial submitted written statement as per the provisions of law 2308/1995 to the competent Cadastre Office, or for what is worth any other piece of document that might be serving as a certificate of the real estate property at hand).

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