International arbitration

What We Offer

We offer expert knowhow on the particular issues emerging when the contracting parties decide to select this extrajudicial, needless to say though utterly official and structured procedure, even if the process is to be conducted in a foreign language.

You should bear in mind that due to the appointment of arbitrators by the contracting parties, I n case of an Arbitration Tribunal assembly, each side selects an Arbitrator and, followingly, these two arbitrators shall appoint the third one, as the Chair Person of the Tribunal (“Umpire”). Therefore the expert knowledge of such specific points of this procedure establishes our Law Firm as a privileged factor of this process if, in the end, you decide to follow through with this procedure by benefiting from our services.



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What is International Arbitration

Arbitration is an alternative way of dispute resolution heralded not by national courts, nor by EU ones, nor in general by courts of a certain legal order, but rather by mere natural persons, the arbitrators, who are appointed by the parties, i.e. the voluntarily contracting parties to an arbitration agreement. These voluntarily contracting parties are at the same time the counterparties of the said case before the arbitrational procedure.

How We Can Help

Arbitration is quite widely preferred as the most effective means to the end of resolving national and international trade disputes, since it provides the contracting parties with a way to resolve their dispute by going beyond the framework of a judicial procedure either because they have decided to do so, or because of a clause (“arbitration clause”) which forms part of an already existing agreement. Thus, “Oikonomakis Law” possesses the expert knowledge, the experience and the human resources, in order to assist you with the resolution of any arisen disputes such as:

• Purchases
• Commercial agreements
• Construction disputes
• Maritime disputes

National framework

Arbitration is provided for by the Greek Civil Procedure Code [CPC] (art. 867 – 903), but also by law 2735/ 1999 regarding International Commercial Arbitration.

Greece, hence, has already validated since 1961 the New York Convention (1958), according to which arbitrational decisions are recognized as such in more than 150 states.

Arbitration also regulates private issues with the exception of article 867 of Greek CPC regarding labour law disputes (article 663 CPC)

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