The notion of “internet fraud” or cybercrime constitutes a crime committed by internet users (hackers). It involves any kind of fraudulent actions via internet and online software. This crime may happen via e-mail, messages or hyperlinks sent to your social media.

This category of crimes have the financial gain as their main motivation. It can occur either by obtaining money illegally from victims or by harming business competitors via internet, for specific purposes.
The truth is that through cybercrimes huge amount of money is being lost every year.with the numbers to increase continuously, as internet access expands and new defrauding techniques are invented by hackers almost every day.

However, the states have established specific legislation regarding cybercrimes. This legislation can ensure the conviction of criminals, if the crime is proved and connected to them. The connection of the criminal with the related crime is the most difficult part of such legal cases.

Actually, the safest way to protect yourselfs from internet crimes is to be meticulous and careful with your messages and e-mails, and not sharing your personal information (passwords, credit cards etc.) through internet.

However, if someone was defrauded by cyber criminals our legal team can assist him, by any means. How we can help a victim of such crime?

Our lawyers will consult the victim for appropriate measures to be taken and corresponding actions, in order to protect his business, personal data or money. Main priority is also the continuστιον of operations safely.
Also, they will take care of the collection, analysis and submission of related evidence to the authorities. They can also assist the victim to recover financial losses or reputation and continue his business operations.

For any further informations, our lawyers are avble to assist you anytime. 

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