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Kalogeras Dionysios

Risk & Information Security Expert – Data Protection Specialist –DPO

Dionysios was born at Patras, Greece.

He is a Doctoral Researcher in signal data processing and holds two Master’s degrees in Networking and Data Communication.

Dionysios has more than 30 scientific publications on cybersecurity and signal processing, education systems, IT telecommunications technologies, data analysis, ICT systems. In addition, he is a Visiting Lecturer in domestic and foreign academic institutions, technical schools and training centers.

He supervises the implementation of a data protection strategy, assuring compliance with GDPR, and other applicable data protection laws in the public and private sector in Greece and abroad. He is specialized in Information Security and Personal Data Protection and assumes the tasks of Data Protection Officer.

He has more than 22 years of experience in managing and coordinating major projects in the security of computer and telecommunications systems, telecommunications, computer networks, data technology and compliance.

Dionysios cooperates with Oikonomakis Law as a Risk & Information Security Expert and as a Data Protection Specialist.

He fluently speaks Greek and English.

+30 2103600036 (GR)
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