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Law Firm in New York,  Manhattan – USA Desk Associate

World-class network of associated American and International Legal Consultants and Lawyers

Providing professional legal services both to local but also to international assignors of ours has been forming part of OIKONOMAKIS CHRISTOS GLOBAL LAW FIRM and its Associates mandate for the last twenty five years; this is why we are proud and able to say that indicatively the following services relating to:

Constitute part and parcel of the work we are able to deliver when our assignors turn to us, not only when they are about to negotiate such issues, but especially so, when they are on the verge of taking measures in order to find reliable solutions to problems that most definitely shall be arising when doing business in the current fragile environment.

Therefore, it is crucial for legal counsels to be on their toes and be able to provide on short notice advice on issues that may range from:

  • Maritime Law issues
  • International Criminal Law issues
  • Tax Law issues
  • Mediation issues


  • Commercial and Corporate law issues,
  • Family law issues
  • General Data Protection Regulation issues
  • Intellectual Property issues, and so forth and so on

It is underlined that, Corporate law constitutes part of our legal portfolio, and even though corporate formations take specific forms, flexibility and the potential of making them assume in certain occasions special features may as well be an option. Here, at OIKONOMAKIS CHRISTOS GLOBAL LAW FIRM – USA Desk we do possess the human capital, the expert knowledge and the experience to assist you with all your business endeavors and help you and formulate that specific company formation that shall be meeting your special needs and expectations.

Having said all of the above, we also feel the need to reassure you that our profile and our orientation is not strictly corporate and business-focused; our values and ethics have always been primarily human-oriented, thus any other sort of unresolved issues constitute part and parcel of the work we are able to deliver for our clients regardless of place and jurisdiction, as the case has been for the last twenty years.

Last but not least, we also need to mention that our world-class network of associated Legal Consultants and Lawyers are here to provide expertise and experience on issues that relate to professional free-lancers or scientists acting as free-lancers, who wish to move or remain in a foreign country such as the USA, because, for instance, they have been offered a certain position by a certain employer, and wish to settle in the USA for good, or at least for as long as possible. We are sure that you shall find our legal expert advice useful, especially now that we shall be located in the very heart of all developments, always to respond to your urgent call for legal assistance and support.

You need to take into consideration that at all times, there is one common thread that bypasses and navigates our work here at OIKONOMAKIS CHRISTOS GLOBAL LAW FIRM through the years, and that is our commitment to represent our clients by way of facilitating and orderly serving their interests.

On the other hand, one needs to keep in mind that all cases, either governed by English law or by continental/ European law regulating contracts, their terms and conditions, and apparently all possible issues that may as well be arising between the parties of an agreement, it forms a commonality for our USA Desk in New York to try and resolve them via Arbitration, or other quite novel forms of alternative dispute resolution, in order to avoid unnecessary legal procedural expenses, by searching to establish a mutual basis of understanding and settlement before ending up in a court room.

OIKONOMAKIS CHRISTOS GLOBAL LAW FIRM and our American and Greek cooperating lawyers in New York, definitely serve and represent such a culture, thus it must not be striking you as a surprise that we have decided to further strengthen our presence in the international legal realm by setting up a USA Desk of our Law Firm in New York, Manhattan.

All these years we had been able to respond to our clients’ needs related to all sorts of international private law issues by keeping ourselves updated with all relevant developments as soon as they had been occurring;  In the same time, operating one USA Desk  it will be the most appropriate and assertive way to capitalize our knowledge and experience.


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