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Paris, in France, is a city of unique characteristics

Known for the iconic Eiffel Tower, for the majestic Louvre Museum, for the impressive Notre Dame, but also a world point of reference for art, culture, fashion, gastronomy, studies and intellect, it is not at all unexpected that Paris is called the City of Light.

Paris has gained its reputation during the Enlightenment era and ever since then it has remained as fascinating and important as always.

Paris is comprised of 20 separate districts each of which elects its own mayor. The city, thus, needs to be considered as an extended metropolis which consequently has to deal with a lot of modern-life problems such as urbanization, accommodation/ housing issues, immigration, public transports.

The river Seine constitutes a vital point of reference for the city and the forests with oak trees surrounding Paris could not be sustainable without it.

In terms of business and commerce, Paris has retained its importance through the years constituting one of the metropoles of the EU, one of the main pillars of both enlargement and integration, one of the fundamental cornerstones of politics and finance in the world.

OIKONOMAKIS CHRISTOS GLOBAL LAW FIRM seized the opportunity to extend its network of associated Lawyers and Firms in Paris with its cooperating French and  International lawyers, where among others the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is located, and where the European Space Agency retains its headquarters.

Paris is probably the most expensive city in the world, and its economy has shifted from industry-based to one of high-valued services.  La Défense constitutes the heart of the city business-wise, while the top ten companies of the country – which also constitute part of the  Global 500 – have been located in the wider business district in the city of Paris.

OIKONOMAKIS CHRISTOS GLOBAL LAW FIRM proudly announces the establishment of one France Desk in Paris, in its effort to further facilitate the needs and the interests of its clients and assignees and be able to address demanding legal issues of European and global interest by being actually present at the heart of the events, in the making of History.


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