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Known as the Eternal City, Rome is not just another Italian city but probably the historic capital of the world.

The architectonic marvels of the city are innumerable and Rome never ceases to remind its guest that this has been the undisputed capital of an Empire that dominated the world in all so many different ways, extending from art and culture, to law and politics, and from architecture and design to finance and engineering.

However, Rome does not choose to rest on its laurels and despite the turmoil Italian politics have been faced up with, Rome is without any doubt a city of the 21st century, where classic blends with contemporary.

Rome is a point of reference for gastronomy as well as for fashion and the way these contradicting features come together practically represent how this city has been managing to create its own unique balance by holding on the past in order to face bravely, almost impertinently the future.

OIKONOMAKIS CHRISTOS GLOBAL LAW FIRM shall be blending in this environment as if we have always been part of the city’s identity, exactly because the temperament of the way we work almost matches that of the Eternal City: we know who we are and we are confident that we can get the job done.

We are not looking for excuses: we draw from our long-established experience in all fields of law, while we are also aware that adjustment is a key to success. One-size fits all is not a solution but a mere pretext to avoid hard work. And this is not how we get our work done.

Here, at OIKONOMAKIS CHRISTOS GLOBAL LAW FIRM you are more than welcome to bring your legal case and discuss it with our Partners and Associates Lawyers, as well as with our network of associated Lawyers, who shall become your trusted counsels, not because we say so, but only because you yourselves will come to such a decision once you visit our Law Firm’s Italy Desk in Rome.


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