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OIKONOMAKIS CHRISTOS GLOBAL LAW FIRM is a team of expert lawyers specialized in various fields of law, including the one here at hand, thus we are able to represent you effectively before any competent court or authority. Thorough study of such cases constitute part and parcel of our long-established experience, and we are wholeheartedly committed to focus on all aspects of your problems, no matter how complex they appear to be.



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Indicatively, some of the services our Firm provides and which are undoubtedly related to the current subject read as follows:

  • negotiations
  • agreements
  • property law
  • Infrastructure
  • Real estate
  • Tax
  • Data protection
  • Market approach
  • Mediation (alternative dispute resolution methods), arbitration and litigation

What is Lease Law

Lease constitutes a written agreement according to which the owner either of a real estate property or of a mobile property, allows use of such property for a certain period of time, under specific terms and conditions, and – perhaps most importantly – following the payment of a specific amount of money, usually on a monthly basis.

How We Can Help

Our Team of Lawyers and of other expert associates as well is here to assist our assignors at each and every step of the process, no matter how naïve or of minor importance this seems to appear, keeping always in mind that the devil lies in the details, and details as such constitute a crucial and integral part of any legal procedure regardless the jurisdiction or the involved parties in any agreement. From the signing of a document until the very amendment or even termination of an agreement, our expert associates shall be assisting you relentlessly, and this is the only commitment you always need to bear in mind given that our approach is both prompt and accurate when we are invited to get involved in any service or industry when and where our input is eagerly needed.

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