Conflicts within working environments tend to become quite an issue lately be it a corporation with too many employees or a small family size company. Usual disagreements on schedule, fees or division of work could bring up a negative atmosphere.

Mediation constitutes an institution that is preferable in dealing with such cases given that it is founded on the principles of crisis and conflict preemptiveness, on the encouragement of a fruitful communication in a safe and trustful environment and in the reestablishment of respect in labor relations, by always having around a specially trained mediator with expertise in resolving disputes within the working environment.

In this way both the employer and the employee feel safe that corporation secrets shall not be leaked to competitive companies, and in the same time they shall be effectively protected in terms of their own interests; relations among employees can be ameliorated, but also between the on-site and the administrative personnel, a possible recourse to judicial means for compensation purposes to be avoided, and even to have the creation of such conflicts diminished in the years to come.

The aforementioned help boost the employee’s self-confidence and self-esteem, his/ her sense of commitment to the corporation and, furthermore, his/ her rate of productivity.

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