Mesogitis D. Symeon



Symeon was born in Athens, Greece.

He is a PhD Candidate at the Medical School of Athens (EKPA) where he studies the Issuance of Medical Forensic Certificates and has received a postgraduate degree in Forensic Pathological Anatomy from the 1st Laboratory of Pathological Anatomy of the Medical School of Athens (EKPA), as well as in Mass Disasters, Nuclear, Biological and Chemical War & Defense.

As a Coroner, he has been Head of Department of Forensic Medicine at the Hospital of Pyrgos, Elis, Greece (2005-2006).

Since 2006, he has been a Coroner registered in the lists of Experts of the Athens Court of First Instance, Greece.

He is a Research Fellow at the 1st Laboratory of Pathological Anatomy, of the Medical School of EKPA, with the subject: “Histopathological lesions as a consequence of the release of kinetic energy from firearms bullets”.

He has participated as a Lecturer in Conferences and Workshops on Pathological Anatomy, on Pulmonology as well as in the Conference with subject “The role of criteria in shaping Forensic Crisis”.

Symeon has published numerous scientific papers in international scientific journals and magazines (e.g. Journal CHEST), and he has performed and written numerous Necropsy Reports, as well as Medical Forensic Evaluations which he has supported as a witness – Coroner before the Courts of Appeal and the Courts of First Instance of Greece.

He has participated in the investigation of hundreds of cases concerning homicides, medical malpractices, accidents at workplace, road accidents, violent deaths, charring, drownings, hangings, strangulations, electric shocks, suicides, extreme sports deaths, etc.

Symeon cooperates with Oikonomakis Law as a Coroner.

He is a fluent Greek and English speaker.

+30 2103600036