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Greek constitution provides for the existence and operation of Military Justice through competent Courts distinguishing and dealing with Army, Navy, Air Force and the people serving therein
Apart from the aforementioned provision, there is a certain number of legal documents and related thereto arrangements that need to be taken into consideration, and in particular
a. Law 2304/ 1995 that provides the “Code of the Judicial Corps of the Armed Forces”
b. Presidential Decree No 21/2002 which regulates the organization and operation of the Military Courts, both of the first instance and of appeal as well
c. Finally, there is a number of certain presidential decrees that apparently deal with the jurisdiction of each Military Court

What is Military Criminal Law

Military Law is primarily a field of law concerned with the maintenance of order and discipline within the armed forces. It has to be clarified, though, that the exact same people/ members of armed forces, men and women, that fall under military law the way this has been defined just above, do not cease to have duties as citizens of states as well, thus subtle issues as such should be taken into consideration when maters of military law are to be processed.

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We remain at your disposal be it before Military Courts or before Military Court of Appeals, regardless of the jurisdiction over the military personnel of the Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard), and we are here to provide our specialized and in depth knowledge in terms of crimes as described and in the(common) Criminal Code, the Military Criminal Code and Special Criminal Legislation.

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