Moundouri Eleni

Receptionist Officer


Eleni was born in Athens, Greece.

Eleni earned her bachelor’s degree in international and European relations from the University of Piraeus. While pursuing her undergraduate degree, she studied abroad as an Erasmus student at the University of Salamanca in Spain, taking political science and law courses. She also earned a Minor in Human Resources Management from the American College of Greece-Deree.

Elena has held positions of responsibility in a number of multinational corporations with Greek offices, which has helped her establish herself as a skilled professional in the fields of management and business.

Elena is working as an Receptionist Officer at Oikonomakis Law.

She is fluent in Greek, English, French and Spanish.

Languages: Greek, English, French, Spanish


(AE) +971 (5) 65266385
(AL) +442037694973
(AU) +61390216829
(BG) +359 24929301
(CN) +861085241291
(CY) +357 22008290
(DE) +4921154692217
(ES) +442037694973
(FR) +33 170615732
(GB) +442037694973

(GR) +30 2103600036
(IL) +97233741019
(IN) +442037694973
(IT) +39 0683361081
(LR) +442037694973
(PA)  +5078337389
(RO) +380442211491
(RU) +74995051507
(UA) +442037694973
(US) +19175085498

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