On Friday, 10th January 2020, at the iconic Makedonia Palace of Thessaloniki the New Year’s Reception of the Greek-German Chamber of Trade and Commerce of Thessaloniki took place, a Reception intended to honor the Chamber’s members, partners and friends, who among others duly represented in the most prompt of ways the total of the scientific, entrepreneurial and political world of Central Macedonia, but also of the whole of Northern Greece.

Among those invited was Mr Spiros Statiris, Lawyer, Associate of Oikonomakis Christos Global Law Firm, representing not only the Offices of Thessaloniki, but the whole of our Firm that happens to be a proud member of this active agent of productive entities in Greece that, in the present time conjunction, decided to gather for the first time this year, in order to exchange wishes, hoping that both the year as such, as well as the new-fledged decade shall rise up to everyone’s expectations, in this recovery trajectory  our country has been following, while both the European and the International Realm seem to be quite fragile and, to that respect, especially difficult to be foretold in any way. However, it must be taken as a given that in times of distress, it is of vital importance that the bonds among associates and friends get toughened, practically forged, constituting to that respect the only certain legacy upon which to found our visionary goals, not in vain and in theory, but in the most certain of ways by applying the most certain deployable means.


In the picture above, Mr Spiros Statiris, Lawyer of Supreme Court, Associate of Oikonomakis Christos Global Law Firm, Mr. Spiros Pengas, until recently Deputy Mayor of Thessaloniki, having a mandate for Tourism & International Relations, currently Founder and Managing Director of WISE RAM, Mr. Pantelis Aggelidis, until recently President of the Alexander Innovation Zone S.A. (“A.I.Z. S.A.”), Founder and main shareholder of firms VIDAVO and Agrosense.



Mr Matthias Hoffmann, Director of the northern Greek branch of the German-Hellenic Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Mr Konstantinos Maragkos, President of Hellenic-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Dr Athanasios Kelemis General Director of Hellenic-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.



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