Occupational safety and health (OSH)

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Occupational safety and health constitutes a field of medicine that has evolved with regards to the pre-emptiveness of health risks while at work.

It is about the prevention of rather adverse effects to someone’s health while at work, in other words the prevention of labor accidents and occupational diseases, while also the therapeutic treatment and rehabilitation of the sufferers. Simultaneously its aim is to address and respond to environmental and ecological problems, in a way that occupational safety and health in total should be perceived as an integral part of Public Health. Its inter-scientific character does not entail merely the fields of medicine and biology, but it extends further to the even more modern fields of updated tech, work management, psychology, biochemistry, ecology, sociology and finance. In Greece it has been perceived as one of the 35 medical disciplines according to the Presidential Decree 213 published on June 16, 1986, thus a year after the coming into force of the legal framework concerning occupational safety and health (Law 1568)


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