Creating and operating properly an Offshore Banking Institution

What We Offer

OIKONOMAKIS CHRISTOS GLOBAL LAW FIRM is in a position to offer specialized expert services in terms of forming a structure that may as well proven to be utterly useful, given that this is what you aim for, when your plan is to have all your personal or business-oriented relations under the legal statute of a foreign country, completely irrelevant to your background.

The fundamental advantage of such a formation is that it encompasses a framework which both protects the formation as such, as well as its property –be them assets, shares etc – from any sort of invalidation, annulment, decrease or, in general, of a compromise whatsoever.



We are future-oriented by setting strategic long-term goals; planning ahead is not just a necessity but an inherent characteristic of our corporate identity.


We strive for fairness by treating everyone with respect, not just courtesy.


Our mind-set is global thus we enjoy working seamlessly across borders.


We focus on delivering world-class legal services and advice, thus reaching for the highest standard possible means that excellence is the only threshold.

Our Services

We are able to offer expert knowledge and the necessary experience in order to make the most of the relevant legislation available in terms of forming an offshore formation of the sort that needs to have in place the following necessary features:


  • Founder: The person who establishes the formation, or on whose behalf it is to be set up, or by whom a property disposition (transfer) is to be taking place. Generally speaking, an offshore formation can be established by one, or more founders.
  • Council: The people focused on having the foundation fulfil its purpose the way it is meant to, as provided for by its internal rules, terms and conditions forming its statute. The Council is the one responsible one way or the other to distribute any of the foundation’s properties, administer its assets, sign relevant contracts and agreements, all of which relate one way or the other to the Foundation as such. Keep in mind that all Council members bear what is coined a fiduciary duty towards the Foundation as such.
  • Statute: The official document according to which the governing rules of the foundation are specified.
  • Beneficiary or Purpose: The person or team of persons who shall be benefiting by the formation’ s establishment. “Purpose” refers to any cause/purpose on whose grounds the banking formation as such has been established as of the very beginning (e.g charity).
  • Guardian or Protector: Guardians and protectors are optional, serving as a protection mechanism to ensure that  the council’s actions and decisions shall be complying to the statutory  terms and conditions of the formation at hand.

What is an Offshore Banking Formation about?

Such an offshore banking formation is useful when you wish to have your personal or business affairs under the terms and conditions contained within the statute governed by the laws of a foreign country; such a formation may as well proven to be quite useful when your fundamental goal is to make the most of certain tax tools provided for by a foreign legislation.


How We Can Help

The establishment of an offshore banking formation is followed by a number of advantages that one way or the other boil down practically to the following:
• Elimination of property transfer-related taxes
• Ability to plan, on a more personal level, issues regarding private properties, i.e. assets, shares etc.
• Ability to accumulate properties through a third person, by making yourself practically invisible

Any of the above-mentioned benefits/advantages can derive from an offshore foundation.
Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us for any advice on any asset protection structure that may as well adjust to your personal specific needs.

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