The Greek-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized for the fourth year an official dinner with main speaker the Minister of Development and Investment, Mr Adonis Georgiadis. There was  an Q&A Session along with the Deputy Ministers of Development and Investment Mr Christos Dimas, Mr Nikos Papathanasis and MR Giannis Tsakiris, on the ΔΕΘ opening day of Sunday, in order to connect the politics with entrepreneurship, in an exhibition where it is given the chance to have a meaningful dialogue amongst  the  senior executives of the Ministry of Development & Investment and the 200 participants of prominent  figures and executives of the economy, entrepreneurship and sciences.

Our Managing Director Mrs Kokkoraki Maria along with f our Lawyers  Mrs Rossidou Styliani and Mr Statiris Spyridon represented  “OIKONOMAKIS CHRISTOS GLOBAL LAW FIRM”.

“In a period where there is an intense investing activity and after the formation of the new government, the Greek- German Chamber organized a live dialogue amongst the government executives and businessmen, in order to show the challenge and the opportunities as well that define the Greek Economy. Thessaloniki and Northern Greece has a leading role in our country’s entrepreneurship and the objective of this exhibition is to remain vivid the communication between government and entrepreneurship. This concept  has been  followed since 2016, including the main speech of Minister of Development and then afterwards continues with an Q&A session, which give  the chance of a direct dialogue with the participation of many others relevant Ministerial Executives.

This exhibition started with a networking cocktail in the outside area of the hotel, offering to the representative attendant of the significant sectors and businesses a unique opportunity of networking in light of a pleasant and constructive evening. This exhibition was completed highly successfully.


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