Written Acceptance (even by electronic mail) – or, by other available means, the full payment – of our Financial Offer towards us from the Assignor at hand, self-evidently and automatically suggests explicitly and without any reservations acceptance on part of our Assignor of the terms and conditions which in total constitute the essential terms of the Provision of Legal and Judicial Services Agreement towards our Assignor:

1. Regarding any such Agreement and Contract of the Provision of Legal Services – Judicial Services – Mediation Services – Arbitration Services a registration procedure with the Competent Tax Authorities shall be following in order to have it tax validated [however and even if the agreement/ contract has not been registered – for any reason whatsoever – with the Competent Tax Authorities, the respective Agreement shall be considered valid], and as a result we shall be automatically considered as the ones responsible towards them with respect to the payment of the relevant Value Added Tax and/ or any other taxes and responsibilities that may arise due to the aforementioned Agreement and its related Provision of Services. Thus, it goes without any further ado that it is of imperative need to have received full payment of services by our Assignors.

2. All of our cases assigned to us by our Assignors have been placed in principle in a Waiting List, hence we begin by processing the ones prioritized according to the sole and ultimate criterion of whether there is a written agreement in place regarding the acceptance of the financial offer we have extended by our assignors, and, followingly, of whether a true and definite payment of the respective fee towards us has been concluded from their side (otherwise – and in case our payment remains unpaid – it is impossible for our Associates to start working on your case, especially by putting aside the handling of other cases where the respective Assignors have paid in total our relevant fee), in sheer combination with relevant deadlines and the emergency of the case at hand.

3. Should all of the aforementioned have not occurred and have not been concluded, then we are not to start processing the case at all, and we have to inform you in advance even by this very note that all interested parties should be aware of the fact that we undertake no responsibility and we are not to deal with the issue at hand (which most probably shall have to be dealt with by a third party and definitely not us, while you are to undertake any responsibility with regards even to the follow up of the case, its deadlines and all other concerns that may arise in relation to the aforementioned case).

4. All electronic systems applied by us in order to overview the cases we have been assigned give us the opportunity to handle all matters and distribute all information alongside the ways and instructions to do so among our Associates, only after the said case has been registered electronically and has been paid in total, while if it ceases to be financially backed up and our relevant actions remain uncompensated, then our electronic system automatically shuts down and does not allow any further handling of the matter at hand (in which case any already and/ or candidate Assignor of ours should take for granted the fact that we have ceased handling your case further, due to the fact that they have first ceased on their par to deposit in advance all pre-estimated budgeted fees and expenses).

5. Our actions aim towards the preservation of the interests and the protection of our Assignors, while we are also committed towards the effort to diligently handle their case in the average and usually agreeable way, i.e. the one also followed by our co-scientists, thus we do not promise and guarantee any outcome regarding the case at hand. Regarding our fee the outcome of the Assignor’s case is of no relevance whatsoever, regardless of whether his/ her claims have been accepted or have been rejected partially or in total.

6. The reported incidents as displayed on all judicial documents and all therein claims are the sheer outcome of how they have been reported by our Assignors either in writing and/ or orally, needless to say it is the Assignors who take full responsibility of any consequences , while the co-confession of any Partnership Agreement at hand constitutes automatically an acceptance, from the Assignors’ side, that both any actual and legal action undertaken by us on their behalf enjoys their consent, their agreement and their consent already provided for in advance, while it is them who undertake their responsibility, hence we – due to the fact that our offer and agreement has been accepted – are to be completely released from any relevant responsibility be it towards third parties (our Assignors being the ones completely to be held responsible for) and even the Assignors themselves (both in tangible and intangible ways).

7. The provision of our services towards our Assignors occurs via our Associates be it Lawyers, Trainees, Legal Counsels and any other employees and/or Counsels that we happen to choose according to our own criteria. In case our Assignors wish to choose Counsels or handlers without our Team, it goes without saying of course that we respect their decision, needless to say though, that if we foresee an eminent danger to the detriment of their interests or our Scientific Work could be undermined, then we do preserve the inalienable right to quit the case and its handling without any further ado, while and regardless of the Assignors’ will, no other claim shall emerge accordingly towards them, and, at the same time, the total amount of our fee shall be withheld by us without any reservations whatsoever.

8. An unprecedented effort has been shown from our side so as all the paperwork and judicial documents prepared by us to be forwarded to our Assignors in order to have them approved in written form (mainly via electronic mail). In case such forwarding is not possible for reasons not currently foreseeable, or our Assignors do not respond on time and in writing so as to have the aforementioned documents approved, then is our unilateral right to choose – without any special notification of our Assignors from our side – whether we should proceed with the filing of the document art hand or not, a decision that might bring with it disagreeable repercussions the ownership and responsibility of which shall lie totally with the Assignors’ choice (even if relevant deadlines are to be to lost).

9. By co-confessing in any way the Provision of Services Agreement towards our Assignors means utterly, simultaneously and automatically that we undertake to file and receive on their behalf any documents by any sender as our Assignors’ representatives, without bearing any further letter of appointment or proxy, while we are eligible to file any document before and/ or against any natural and/ or legal person and/ or Authority by making use of our signature, even if we have not received any signature or stamp by our Assignors, while, respectively, our Assignors do provide us with the judicial authorization to act all necessary main or secondary actions relevant to the follow up of the Court Case, except for those explicitly exempted at the time of the assignment, as well as for those that need to have been bearing special power of proxy.
If there is a decision or a procedure where it is mentioned that we have been representing you, and in the main body of that decision/ procedure it is mentioned that in the Court both counterparties had been present, then it shall have been proven beyond any doubt that we have been assigned as your judicial representatives.

10. We shall not file any original documents of yours, only in electronic form, thus copies of documents provided shall only be in such electronic form (or, perhaps and on a case by case basis, some of them shall be kept also in paper form, so as to be provided to you at any time). We shall accept in actual paper form only those documents, business commercial papers etc. that are necessary to be presented before Public Organizations or Authorities, and in order to be handed over or to be displayed to them. After 15 days’ time of the papers’ return from the Public Organizations or Authorities to our Offices, it shall be your sole responsibility to ask for them and have them returned and handed over, otherwise and even if they get lost or destroyed anyhow, it shall be agreed even from this time forth that we bear no responsibility whatsoever, and no obligation to restore any tangible or intangible damages that you may happen to suffer.

11. We do not undertake the storage of any document or object, however, even if this takes place for some reason, by having signed the present agreement you already without any reservation and explicitly waive any responsibility from us towards you.

12. By accepting the present offer, our Assignors hereby also accept and confess that regarding any document and study that might derive from us, we do preserve any intellectual property right, while they also accept that any decision published on the occasion of their case can be published, by having previously omitted all relevant names and details, especially on our website, www.oikonomakislaw.com, while and in case our Assignors are the representative of a Company or Business, they do grant us the right to automatically upload on the aforementioned website or on any other website of ours or informative leaflet that they happen to be our Assignor, by also uploading their name and the trademark that they (anyhow happen) to use.

13. Our Assignors shall have the right to revoke their mandate to us via a unilateral declaration of intent they will be addressing to us, while the termination of the mandate shall occur after the acceptance of such declaration of intent has taken place by us, however such termination can also occur in silence, given that this intent of yours has been made known to us. In any case of any justified or unjustified revocation of mandate, we shall preserve our right to be compensated as already agreed, while it shall be the Assignors’ responsibility to deposit us all expenses that shall have taken place to the end of the conclusion of their mandate and up to the moment this has been revoked.

14. The present written agreement between our Assignors and us – after the acceptance of all relevant terms has taken place as mentioned above – defines our fee regarding the provision of services from us to them; it is also agreed that this fee shall not depend upon any term, deadline, condition or reciprocity, while it is also possible, depending on the evolution of the case and the level of difficulty, this fee to be redefined accordingly and be readjusted upwards (given that the suggested fee is always the minimum in terms of the handling of their case), thus, and in case more time had to be dispensed, or unexpected events had taken place, or such an alteration is justified due to the kind and the quality of the scientific work and attention provided for by us in case more time had to be dispensed on the study and the preparation of documents due to many and various legal aspects of the case, in which case our Assignors should be duly and in written form informed.
It is underlined that further expenses towards third parties (Bailiffs, Notaries, Scientific Experts, Translators, Counsels etc.) which are to be considered necessary so as for the mandate already extended to us to be fulfilled (e.g. transportation fee, maintenance and housing fee), or any social security expenses, or expenses related to copies, the issuance of certificates, their processing etc. as well as any expenses that may emerge while dealing with the execution of our Assignors’ case, shall be undertaken by them alone, and they shall be informed on a step by step basis by us.

15. On a case by case basis and indicatively (and by no means restrictively to us) the adjustment of the claim of the petition at hand, the partial withdrawal from certain claims, the total withdrawal from all claims of a petition, the revocation of law suits, any compromises arranged etc. shall not effect or diminish the already agreed upon fee of ours, while and in case of additional legal claims of any petition, of additional actual and/or legal bases of the case, or of re-filing the same case on the same actual and legal grounds, our fee shall be redefined according to a new financial agreement between us and our Assignors and shall be additionally paid by them. If the facts of two or more cases and relevant petitions are common in essence but of different legal interest, then the suggested fee shall be differentiated for those cases, and it shall be defined separately for any such petition, and by a certain separate agreement between us and our Assignors. In case of a re-hearing of a case (after the suspension of such case or its repetition due to any reason whatsoever), we shall present before the competent Court after having been paid an additional fee, already agreed upon between us and our Assignors on a case by case basis, and as already described above. We are eligible to such fee even for any hearing before any competent Court or Authority, or Covenant or Committee etc. , a fee which shall be specifically agreed upon between us and our Assignors . In case of compromise, we do reserve the right to be fully compensated even if not all necessary actions have taken place and despite having been paid for them; what is more, if the compromise has been facilitated totally or even partially due to our own initiatives, then further fee has to be duly estimated and paid to us.

16. The already paid fee and/ or the claim for such fee is not to be given up, decreased and even returned, even if our Assignors decide to revoke their mandate for any reason whatsoever before the completion of our work, suspension being part of the revocation, and that is due to the fact that their case has already been forwarded to the detriment of other suggested cases of potentially candidate Assignors of ours, while at the same time the Assignors’ case has already been structurally organized and arranged, while by then it should have already been analyzed legally, such analysis constituting the fundamental basis of our Scientific Work. It goes without saying that in all the aforementioned cases any expense paid in advance shall be returned to them in total, given that it has not been dispensed for the reason it has been provided for. It is explicitly forbidden any agreement between our Assignors and us regarding the decrease of the present fee that cannot be proven in writing, while any agreement regarding the increase of our fee could also be provided for orally, or proven via documents, oath or confession; the silent conclusion of an agreement regarding increased fee may as well be concluded due to the long-lasting cooperation between our Assignors and us and the omission of any reservation from your side.

17. It needs to be stressed that our fee is to be deposited by our Assignors and they are well obliged by the present terms even if they do not coincide to be the owners of the case but merely our debtors bearing the obligation to pay us since they have extended to us the mandate to follow through or defend the case atahand, by being responsible to pay us jointly and severally alongside the owners of the case, given that – after having accepted our current offer – the Assignors themselves have already stated explicitly, without any reservation and on the owners’ behalf that they shall be acting on the owners’ behalf and that by having accepted our offer and the therein included terns, they have acted according to the owners’ order and mandate, and it is the owners who have taken over and are to be held responsible according to the terms of the present.

18. In case our Assignors have assigned the exact same case to another Lawyer in parallel and/ or in a previous time and/ or in a later time as opposed to us (and in all of the aforementioned cases regardless of whether they have acted so intentionally or unintentionally) or they have assigned to us that exact case through that Lawyer (initially or along the way), our Assignors continue to bear the exact same responsibilities towards us the same way they would happen to be doing according to all previous arrangements.

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