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Through the laws and treaties that apply in cases of asylum in our country, it is given to everyone the right to request for – political – asylum and to be protected, if necessary. Our legal team’s expertise in such cases of crucial importance can provide solutions to our assignor in order to get through with the complexity and difficulties of the Greek legal system. The long established experience due to many years of practice and involvement in issues around human rights provides us the confidence to reassure our assignors for the successful resolution of their issues.  



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Our Services

Fields wherein our legal advice could turn out to be of crucial importance are the following:

  • Assistance with the legal procedures
  • Legal advice regarding human rights
  • Financial consulting




What is the term of "Political Asylum"

Political Asylum is being regulated by the “Convention of Geneva of 1951”, on spots related with the “Status of Refugees”. This form of asylum is a way of protection given by another country to any individual who is being prosecuted by his own state. It is provided to people who left their country because of political reasons, such as their political opinion, religion, ethnicity or any other related social situation.

How We Can Help

Our long-established experience with such serious cases can reassure our clients about the outcome of every challenging case. Despite the complexities and bureucracy of the sector, we are able to provide high standard services guaranteed for our assignor’s protection and safety.

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