Residence License in Bulgaria

Residence License in Bulgaria

The EU national during his/her first three months in Bulgaria does not have to submit an application for a residence permit.
However and after three months he/ she has to submit such an application to the competent authority (usually it is the Municipality or the local police station)which shall then issue a registration certificate which in its turn shall confirm his/ her right to reside in Bulgaria; thus for those EU nationals who wish to reside in Bulgaria for more than three months it is possible to have a residence permit issued.

The residence permit for foreigners, as well as the residence cards for the EU families are being issued by the Directorate of Immigration, Department of Foreigners of the Bulgarian Ministry of Internal Affairs .

Financially not active citizens (pensioners, self-employed) have to present the following documents as evidence that they do have sufficient income in order to cover their everyday expenses:

  • Valid identity documentation or passport
  • Proof of bank account in Bulgaria
  • Proof of proper health insurance/ or European Card Of Patient Insurance issued from the country of origin
  • Proof that the applicant can sustain himself withour any financial assistance. His/ her income might as well derive from a pension – funds in general could derive from any source whatsoever
  • Proof that he/ she is leasing a residence in Bulgaria, by presenting an agreement for the housing and the owner’s relevant statement of truth

If the applicant is a holder of a European Card of Patient Insurance this means that he/ she is properly insured for health reasons in Bulgaria
The residence certification in Bulgaria shall be issued for as long as the European Card of Patient Insurance is valid.

In this way you can make the most of and exercise your right as a citizen residing in Bulgaria (housing purchase, car purchase, or of other mobile or immobile/ real estate property etc etc). In order to be able to contact you and provide you with even more information, please do contact us accordingly

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