In cases of bankruptcy, restructuring, or insolvency, all parties desire a quick and profitable resolution. The place where the challenge appears – headquarters or foreign jurisdiction – seem to have little importance in modern global marketplace. The outcomes and strategies are complex and the procedures intricate in all cases. The protection of your interests can be a stressful task when economic interests, emotions and occasionally multiple legal systems and cultural norms are involved. Legal advice therefore is critical and should be ideal for the desirable each time outcome.

All types of businesses can count on us: real estate companies, manufacturers, health care service providers, retail operators, transportation businesses, traders and other securities. Our lawyers around the world thanks to their deep understanding of your markets will help you find and take advantage of the best possible solutions.

We grasp the complexities of your industry, and side by side, we navigate intricate legal challenges and discover the best possible opportunities. In case you need creative litigation and arbitration strategies, as well as innovative negotiating practices born from real-world experience and practical guidance in cross-border restructuring, we deliver the latest solutions so you can act with confidence.

Our passion for effective advocacy and representation renders us a dynamic force on your side and we, together, can discover the best course of action in any situation.