School mediation is a civilized way of peacefully resolving conflicts arising within the schooling environment. Mediation at School is one of the ways of resolving, or managing, conflicts within the schooling environment, between students, or students-professors, or professors-parents, or other members of the schooling society.

It is a process where the children themselves who have encountered a difference between them – with the support of a trained neutral third person, the mediator – present their differences within an environment of conversation, where there is respect to the opinions of the others, in order to reach a commonly acceptable solution, that meets up totally with their needs.

Mediation at School is conducted by students-mediators who work as peacemakers for the sake of their co-students. In special cases and depending on the needs of the schooling environment even trained professors could take up such a role as mediators. Mediation programs could be implemented in all schooling grades, even in primary education schools. Through the school mediation institution we are able to abolish violence, help teaching professionals get rid of the role of the judge and assist children in becoming responsible.

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