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Free zones are special parts of the territory with special benefits provided by the state. The benefits include tax exemptions on the importation of goods into free zones, their transfer within zones and between two users of different free zones, as well as the consumption of energy sources.

Customs benefits available to users include exemption from customs duties and other import levies on goods to be used for activities within the zone, as well as the construction of facilities in the free zone (intermediate goods, equipment , construction materials).



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What are the benefits of having a company in one of Serbia’s free zones?

Free Trade Agreements: Interim Trade Agreement with the EU

• CEFTA Agreement
• EFTA Agreement
• Free Trade Agreement with the Russian Federation
• Free Trade Agreement with Belarus
• Free Trade Agreement with Kazakhstan
• Free Trade Agreement with Turkey
• U.S. Generalized System of Preferences
Customized advantages

Advantages: Exemption from customs and other import duties for the sale of goods intended for business purposes and the construction of installations within the free zone (processed materials, equipment, building materials). No customs guarantee is required for foreign goods intended for construction work within the free zone. Simplified work and logistics: Effective free zone management (one-stop shop) allows free zone users to use a large number of additional services offered by free zone management companies, such as transport logistics, reloading, loading, services shipping services, insurance and reinsurance, banking, etc.
Economic benefits

・ Exemption from VAT on the entry of goods into the free zone, as well as on transport and other services related to the entry of goods
・ Exemption from VAT for transactions of goods and services in the free zone
・ Exemption from VAT on trade in goods between users of two free zones
・ Exemption from VAT on energy consumption for free zone users engaged in production activities
Facilities from local governments

According to their principles, local government units can issue decisions to provide benefits for the construction of facilities and infrastructure in the territory of the free zone. The above benefits relate to the decision to exempt from the payment of local taxes, fees and charges within the jurisdiction of local governments, e.g. land development fees, municipal administrative fees and charges, fees for land development contribution, urban planning requirements and approval fees, connections to local water and wastewater infrastructure, local utility fees, etc.

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