Oikonomakis Christos Global Law Firm will offer you tax services, and meanwhile you will be enjoying an interdisciplinary team that understands how tax law meshes with other areas of the law—corporate, real estate and litigation. You may rely on a team with long experience in tax and taxation. It’s a cross-border, multijurisdictional group that seamlessly mixes local knowledge with the right resources in order for your business to stay proficient and robust.

Taxes always impact your business, regardless their nature. Nowadays, rules and regulations evolve in such a pace that it is impossible to follow if you are experts; Oikonomakis Christos Global Law Firm will work with you to ensure you stay ahead – and your objectives will be our guide.

Oikonomakis Christos Global Law Firm’s comprehensive tax services include experience in global jurisdictions, as well as in matters relating to individuals and private companies, multinational companies, listed companies, partnerships and other transparent entities, tax-advantaged investing and more.