We succeed beneficial outcomes for clients in almost all aspects of international trade and investment law. Thanks to our profound knowledge of trade and investment conventions, legislation, and regulations, we help develop and enforce the right strategies to keep international businesses evolving. We comprehend international trade and investment law enforcement and policy, and we know the enforcement agencies and policymakers.

Our lawyers of this team often work on significant trade matters – making representations before key national and international authorities, including government bodies, domestic courts, and trade tribunals.

We offer advice to a wide range of clients, among which are small and medium-sized enterprises, NGOs, and industry associations. We represent and assist clients on several issues, such as:

  • Trade remedies
  • Customs and border matters
  • Government relations
  • WTO and trade agreements
  • International trade contracts
  • International investment treaties and disputes
  • Import/export controls and sanctions
  • International anti-corruption, governance, and compliance


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