Technology business is quite challenging itself; challenges such as ranging from accessing capital to protecting your intellectual property, from recruiting and retaining top talent to relentlessly pursuing your first market-validating sale. Our proven experience and expertise in areas such as company formation, equity structures, corporate and technology transactions, has offered a reputation as one of top legal advisors to growth-oriented technology companies in the country in all levels and types of investments.

Our colleagues comprehend issues arising from such type of business from taking an idea and developing it into a mature and successful action plan. Some of our lawyers having experience as in-house counsels to both private and public technology companies. This will give you the opportunity to take advantage not only from our legal expertise, but also from our unique understanding of evolving industry trends and emerging market opportunities.

Our company, as a participant in the global capital community and technology industry, will provide you access to a strategic colleague, thanks to the relationships it has already built, regardless whether you are an investor or a technology business.

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