Oikonomakis Christos Global Law Firm is always ready to defend and protect its clients in the most efficient, profitable manner by being prepared and preemptively responding to the pursuits and demands of criminal and regulatory authorities. Our White Collar and Government Investigations lawyers are familiar with all procedures followed. We are seasoned trial lawyers with long experience trying cases against and negotiating with government officials; ready, willing, and able succeed for our clients.

Oikonomakis Christos Global Law Firm’s lawyers have distinguished records of achieving successful decisions and achieving favorable outcomes in a variety of fields, among which:

  • Bank fraud
  • Computer fraud and cybercrime
  • False Claims Act/qui tam actions
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • Health care fraud
  • Insider trading
  • Public corruption investigations
  • Securities and commodities fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Asset recovery

Our lawyers often give speeches on and teach criminal law and related subjects, at various training centers, industry panels and legal conferences. They also frequently counsel clients who have been victims of crimes, fraud or both and we provide solutions on how to best deal with any losses and how to prevent future events.