Author: Kapetan Savva Maria-Pinelopi

The World Intellectual Property Organization –WIPO- has declared 2019 as a Year Of Sports and Intellectual Property – Sports and IP – and Thessaloniki has become the epicenter of this celebration by hosting a 2-day meeting under the title “REACH FOR GOLD. SPORTS and IP” supported by WIPO. The introduction of the Seminar and the related awards were nominated on Good Tuesday, April 23, 2019 at “THE MET HOTEL”, in Thessaloniki, while during the second day of the Seminar, on April 24, 2019, all the related workshops took place at the Olympic Museum of Thessaloniki, at the juncture of streets Ag. Dimitriou and 3rd Septmeber, in Thessaloniki – Greece.

Spiros Statiris, Lawyer and Associate of our Law Firm, member of the Lawyers’ Bar Association of Thessaloniki, was present and participated in this given event within the framework of his continuous and keen interest in sports in all of their various aspects.

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