The 11th Thessaloniki Tax Forum, organized by the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, was held on November 18, 2019 at the MET HOTEL of Thessaloniki, and its works and conclusions have already set the standards extremely high in terms of the following forum of the same subject matter, given that all participants, be it great sponsors, plain sponsors, supporters, media and communication contributors as well as speakers and participants, all raised the bar and contributed to the establishment of an event that went beyond the expectations set by the previous forum of the sort.

At the core of the Forum were placed from the very beginning all those high-caliber matters related to tax policies and the way these have been interacting with financial factors, investors, both national land foreign, and, of course, the society as a whole.

Notions such as flexibility and adjustability, tax conscientiousness and compliance and their impact on numbers and mostly on people as such, digital maturity, trust and normalization were put under thorough scrutiny and investigation by all involved parties in a Forum which was twice as large in numbers as opposed to the last year’s one.

Digital bet, the “monster” of polylegislation, the use and exploitation of new technologies at the dusk of the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, when speaking for instance about e-justice struck as only some of the new entries in the universe of taxation policies in Greece, and the day came to an end with the promise that this very day next year only a few problems shall be remaining unresolved so as to have an excuse to meet up in the exceptional premises of the iconic MET Hotel.

Christos Oikonomakis himself, Founder and Managing Partner of our Firm, CHRISTOS OIKONOMAKIS GLOBAL LAW FIRM, as well as Spiros Statiris, Associate Lawyer and one of our senior members of our Firm, duly participated in the Forum, along with KSI Greece, our valuable helping hand in terms of financial issues that also happened to be a Sponsor of an event, whose overall impact may as well be perceived as way tangible, thus positive, leaving an explicit mark both to the academic as well as to the business universe of tax legislation and policies for months to come.


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