Following the order of Ms. Nina – Gabriela Etmektzoglou – Terzopoulou, we announce the following:

a) the 46/22 Order of the Prosecutor of the Court of First Instance of Athens from 12-12-2021 (regarding the ABM AA21/141 and ΕΓ134-21/275 criminal case file),
b) the letter-email sent on 25-5-2022 at 00:45 to the Child’s father and to his lawyers in Norway and Greece,
c) the two letters-emails that were sent to us on 25-5-2022 at 11:40 a.m. and on 25-5-2022 at 17:58, by the father’s lawyer.

Taking into account the above, it appears – to our Client’s regret and disappointment – that even though as a mother she has been fully vindicated, a crime was committed and completed against her Child and herself.

The perpetrator/perpetrators, that had planned this in advance, having “peculiar resources”, coordination that is not consistent with that of an average criminal (but rather suits that of the secret services), with high coverage, aggressively, instantaneously, ironically, violating any notion of International Law and the Rights of the Child, underestimating and mocking the Greek Justice, mocking the Greek Prosecution and Police Authorities, claim that they are in Norway (a claim that needs to be confirmed)!

Essentially, they send a clear message (which in the opinion of our Client is addressed not only to herself, but also to the entire Greek State Mechanism, the Greek Justice and the Greek Public Opinion): Greece is a State that is unable to respect and apply Laws, we do not respect its court decisions, we have an inalienable right to examine the issues unilaterally, we can -at any time we want- enter Greece, remove a child, transport him to Norway and – of course – we have the ability to remove your sacred status as a Parent, and if you dare to go to Norway to claim it you will be imprisoned!

Until this morning, the Greek authorities do not seem aware of the Child’s departure abroad.

It makes one wonder what further measures the Greek State, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Greek Justice, the Child’s Advocate and other bodies will take to repatriate Rainer (in case he is already outside Greece).

Will they distance themselves and leave the issue to fate and the mother to deal alone with it and without support, facing unequally the status quo imposed by the father:

a) In Greece little Rainer would have both a mother and a father (and in any case unhindered communication with his father),
b) in Norway little Rainer has only a father and is automatically and de facto orphaned of his mother who in Norway would be simply held a prisoner.

Two different cultures in conflict!

Our Client points out that:

1. The person who removed little Rainer from his home had zero chance of being his own father (since his mobility problems do not allow him to act aggresively),
2. The lease of the escape vehicle using the information of the father’s relative was so provocative that it attested from the beginning that the perpetrators had methodically planned and coordinated their immediate escape abroad (so they did not care about their association with the minor’s father),
3. They would operate completely ruthlessly even if there were other people in the house – besides the elderly grandmother – because the abduction of the Child was an end in itself,
4. There is an increased chance that specially trained people in methods of abducting people, covering them, issuing travel documents, preparing and executing an escape plan (with more than one plan), etc., are involved.
5. For the above reasons, she tried from the start to underestimate the father’s perception that – among other things – it is a conflict of two different legal systems that at any cost the Norwegian should prevail.
6. In addition, she tried to avoid any personal confrontation with his father and his cohort in a desperate attempt to bring the perpetrators to justice.
7. She avoided appearing in the media in order not to inflame the confrontation with the father of the child and aimed her action at limiting the possibilities and chances of the child leaving Greece.

ΔΙΑΤΑΞΗ ΕΓ134-21.275